Should I repair my Roksan Caspian cd player


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I have a Roksan Caspian mk2 cd player and integrated amplifier, however the cd player is no longer reading cd's and the cd tray catches as it closes. I just wanted to know the thoughts of the other people on here as to whether I should get it repaired or not? It is about a ten year old unit, the integrated amplifier works like a champion.

I just wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience with these units, and possibly a rough cost to repair it.



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Give Roksan people a call and they will give you a quote on the repairs. Their factory is based in NW London if you need to take it over to them.

There is a small but decent user forum but you need to register and email them to activate the account in order to post. You could have a look there:
www.roksan.co.uk :: Index
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