Should I repair my Kef PSW2000 Sub?

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Hi, as per title, my Kef sub stopped working about 6 months ago, and i am wondering whether it makes sense to repair it, or just go buy something new?

The PSW is probably 8 (ish) years old...

I assume repair might be ~£100, and something equivalent today could be purchased for ~£200... am i in the right ballpark?

What would you guys do/recommend?

All thought gladly considered!!

Cheers - Kevin.

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First step would be to figure out what's wrong with it before deciding whether it is a write-off or not. Can you elaborate or does "stopped working" sum it up? I think I remember hearing about a lot of faults with these subs (the one that goes with the speaker package isn't it?) but I may be wrong. If you have something simple like a fuse then you are in luck. Otherwise. . . I'd imagine it would be a really fiddly PCB to work on with surface mounted components etc.

I think for £200 you could get something better now. I'm pleased with my BK Gemini II and think it would probably outperform the Kef in just about every imaginable way.

EDIT: Seems a lot of the problems are with the power supplies. Have a search. It seems that short of having a good working knowledge of electronics to replace faulty components (and without a redesign, risk it reoccurring) it is a write off.
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Thats a bit of an unfair reply, look for the faulty kef thread. Most of the problems are cured by a very simple and stupidly cheap repair. Theres a possibility it needs a little more .
If you can use a soldering iron and read then this is well within your grasp to fix, up to you whether you want to though.


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Guys - thanks for the comments. They have concentrated a little on fix options on the KEF, rather than perhaps what i was hoping which was some recommendations on a good value replacement.

Reading my op back wasn't very clear, so my apologies!

In a nutshell, i ain't getting a soldering iron out (don't own one), even if it does save me 50 quid! I was working on the premise that technology has moved on in the world of subs, and £200 could buy me a replacement which is a significantly better quality product than my original Kef!

I also have a very novice question which is what is the difference in bass output between a £200 and a £500 sub? Surely they both produce the same booming throb...?! :D

Seriously though, if my wife says about my cheap KEF sub - "can you turn that bloody bass down" when some film action takes off, will a XXLS400 make her say "hmm, much better quality of boom, turn it up..."?

Sounds daft, but really, if she don't like the boom, is a more expensive sub simply a more expensive, offensive boom...?!

Cheers Kevin.
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