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Should I move to VM?


Standard Member
Ok, this is something I've been considering for a while. For my internet connection, should I move from my current ADSL to cable from VM?

I'm in West Yorks and I think 20mb is available, but anything above 2mb is fine by me to be honest.

If I can ask in the forum, is anyone else using VM and downloading torrents using Azureus or something similar? How do you get around the traffic shaping if so?

Also, is it any good for Xbox live?

I'd really like to know this stuff before I make the move. Thanks for any help.


Distinguished Member
****ing no way, is what I'm thinking ATM :mad:

I'm downloading a large file. It's hit about 2 Gig and my browsing speed is now the equivalent of a 56K modem :thumbsdow :mad:

I'm serious, 20 Mb connection and it's taking 20 seconds to render a page :mad::mad::mad:

I've just put a complaint in.


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On the other hand, I live in West Yorkshire have a 20meg line and it is superb glad I moved from the crappy 1meg limit that bT could offer me :thumbsup:


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I have had no problems either on 20Mb. Often have 2 PCs plus Xbox all going through at the same time. So long as you schedule large downloads outside peak hours you won't suffer STM and even if you do 5Mb is still fine for browsing/gaming.


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Just had Virgin Media installed, although I only got the 2MB broadband package.

So far it's considerably slower then my mums BT connection, although I'm unsure what MB connection my mum has.

For example though downloading from rapidshare on the BT connection I could manage download speeds of between 200 - 500 kbps.

On my virgin media connection I get download speeds of between 60 - 250kbps.

This is the speed downloading a single file and browsing the web. I wish I'd got the 10MB connection now, in fact I might ugrade shortly when my Xbox live account gets fully activated.


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Dont bother as they let you download at 20mb/s before cutting you down to 5mb/s after 20mins.

Check out your distance from the exchange etc and consider someone else if that check out OK:-

Virgin 10mb/s service was the best broadband ive ever had. Then the marketing men get there hands on it and sell 20mb/s which they cant do unless they throttle. Totally messed it up. Plus they now charge you 25p to ring India, not bad if you wanted to speak to relatives but a rip-off to speak to CS.


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Further to the above VM are now trialling 50Mb in parts of Kent (unfortunately not where I live) so further advances to come.


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nice :thumbsup:

As long as the speed doesn't get cut after 5 mins of full belt :thumbsdow


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I've just got my cynical head on mate :)

I agree, things are moving forward :smashin:
But then, so they should, when everyone else is getting cheaper.


Prominent Member
I think things are moving backwards at VM. The only way they cold sell 20mb/s was to introduce throttling after 25 mins between 4-12pm. To do 50mb/s wonder if they will throttle 24/7.

Plus youve got all the excitement of ringing India for 25p/min. VM tell you its refunded if its their fault. Check your bill it will still be there charged to you. So you have to ring up again. Even if you are successful youve still made another call at 25p/min and round and round you go.


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I've got the 3 for 30 package with Virgin - TV is poor, phone is average, cable internet is excellent (the main reason I stuck with them)

My internet package is the basic 2mb, and I use Azureus for all d/ls. Peak downloads at 200+, traffic shaping isn't an issue. There is no cap and no drop in speed. You can d/l 700mb avi's in a couple of hours which is fine by me. Unless you want HD quality, or you have to have the files immediately, I'd stick the with the base package.



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