should i move my tv up or not


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this is my front room the tv is a 75 in sony ive had abot 3half years now love it to bits the 42 inch pioneer was moved to the bedroom as i will never get rid as i rate the best ive ever the question is its wall mounted as u see 700mm off floor.the wall is 3metres with and 2860 high.i sit just over 3ms away from it.few friends say it set bit low and should be moved higher.which in a way i agree.just looking for other peoples opion.and also for info on some who i could to coem take it down and move it up the based in preston area.yes me and mates could it but i want it done right.then i can think about looking for a better unit to put all the gadgets in the technis cars are going to be moved to another room once i get the shelving sorted for it


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Hard to tell from the image how low it is from your main seating position, mine is approx 900mm up from the floor.

I'd also central it to your wall.


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Recommendation is that eye level should be between a third and half way up from the bottom of the TV.


Recommendation is that eye level should be between a third and half way up from the bottom of the TV.
Mine's a little too high perhaps for most, but I have to accommodate a fat KEF centre under the TV and the missus won't let put the TV on the wall. I've got arthritis in my neck and spine and looking slightly up in my armchair is far more comfortable that looking down, or even straight ahead. Horses for courses really.

My 65'' is 90 cm off the floor.


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its 700mm from floor
Doesn't look too high but hard to tell from the picture as you can't also see your seating position. So 700mm = 70cm.

If following the standards that's too high and the tv should be slightly lowered. But depending on seating height, just go with what tv height you feel comfortable viewing at.

My current tv is 50cm off the floor sat on a 50cm high AV cabinet. At roughly the recommended eye level from my seating position for watching movies.
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Using your PS5 for as scale - we have PS5 on top our unit and no way we could have it stand up without obstructing our 75” screen.

So would say doesn’t need to go up.
As suggested you eye line should be two thirds the tv. Maybe measure to your rough eye line sitting down and see how far up the tv wall you land.

Also - what the cut out on the wall for? Not wide enough for door way?

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