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Should I leave aperture for Lightroom


Distinguished Member
As title really.. is it really worth me leaving aperture for lightroom. I am trailing lightroom at the moment but I like it as well as I love aperture.. But one thing in lightroom i like is Graduated tool which is cool... Just wish Aperture did this...


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I'm in the same position. I've used Aperture since it's release and love it and I've always been highly critical of Lightroom 1 and 1.4 and think and still think that they were pretty awful (compared with Aperture) but Lightroom 2 has changed all of that.

One thing I've always liked about Lightroom are the presets but these alone are not a big enough draw. But like you the graduated tool and the dodging and burning (which is still better than how Aperture 2 does it) are becoming incredibly useful tools. So much so that I am actually finding that I currently now reach for Lightroom before Aperture.

The REALLY annoying thing is that Aperture is simply waaaaaay better than Lightroom when it comes to organising your photos but Lightroom is quite a bit better than Aperture when it comes to editing/RAW processing especially if you are into creating images with different tones to the original file. If you tend to just use your editor to 'tweak' your photos so that they are mostly the same as how they were shot in camera i.e. you just boost the colours that are already there but don't change their tone, then I'd say stick with Aperture but if you tend to get a little more creative then Lightroom is becoming incredibly tempting.


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If it makes any difference, I've just finished both lightroom 2 and aperture 2 trials. Lightroom just pipped it for me, even at a significantly higher cost. The editing just seemed that bit easier over aperture. Although I do have to agree about the organising comment.
Tough call really if you already have aperture.


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That the problem I already own the Aperture and bough it about 4 month ago... It still is a very good software for the price as got it at £125 which is a good price for such software..

But Lightroom seem to have just a couple of Editing power I like but is it worth paying £200 odd just for 2 extra things?

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