Should i Keep My Sony NS900v?


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Hopefully i will be buying a 42" Plasma soon (May) ,i have my heart set on the new Pioneer MXE model or maybe the HDE.

My question is should i keep my current DVD player or get a better player to take full advantage of this panel?

Or should i buy one of the new external video processers like iscan or Lumagen?

I have a freeview box and a old Laserdisc player (pioneer 925) ,but my main viewing is DVD.

Budget is around £1000.


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Not so long ago I decided to upgrade this player and did lots of research, thought the answer was a Pioneer 565, dual audio and NTSC prog scan come the day.

I was/am disapointed with it and dug out the 900 today and I am happy again, it is full of tweaks but limited to component, I am not sure of off board prog scan facilities.

I was keen to find a more robust -R player which all but Sonys are, but the 565 is a simple machine, one which I woud be happy with for this and it's dual audio and quick layer change.

Moral? well you tend to get what you paid for and yes good players come cheap these days but the best still carry a premium
it just depends what you see and can live with, on reflection I wish I had hung on and bought a higher spec machine.



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I was thinking about the 868 and HDMI but i have read here thats its not that much of a leap over component.That's why i am also intrested in a external video processor one of the new HD processors in particular.

Does anyone else think external processers are a better alternative?


Definitely keep it. I got one by upgrading from a 525D and was amazed at the difference.

I cannot see how many players will better it unless a ridicolous amount of money is spent on a new one.


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I really like the player but it does lack a few features that the newer players have mainly progressive scan! Thats why i am looking at some of the new external processors!

Thanks for the replies.


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I upgraded from the 900 to a denon 2900 about 6 months ago. Gives improvement in all areas, not major but definately there and IMHO worth upgrading to get the best you can from a plasma.

I found it added a crispness to backgrounds that was distracting by its absense before.


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Many thanks for your replies.I am going to try and demo a few players :-

1.Pioneer 868i using HDMI
2.Denon 2900
3.Arcam player (not sure which)
4.External processers when available (iscan HD)

Owners of the 434HDE/Pioneer 868i does HDMI deliver a great picture or is it all 'hype'?


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I've just re-added a Sony 900 in our house.

Had one ages ago, nothing else came close.

Of course I'm on CRT TV only.

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