Should I go with my first choice ?

Discussion in 'What Is The Best TV For You?' started by Kegman, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Hi All, Fantastic forum btw. I'm stuck over some issues and would really like your opinions please. My max budget would be £1000

    a) I'm thinking about getting a television for one of my rooms and went to John Lewis for a squint and the one I was really drawn to initially was the LG 47LW550T. All the tv's were showing the BMX races from the Olympics so the range of colours was great and as the action was relatively fast it looked the best (imo).

    However I've came home and read some reviews about how LG have been warned by the trading standards and that seems to have put LG in a bad light.

    b) Whilst looking at some of the TVs I came accross a Plasma (but i thought they were old news) so didn't take much notice but after reading on the web I was totally way of mark and that Plasmas are definately worth a look however the room its going to be in is quite bright and currently somedays we need to close curtains to stop glare on portable screen so should I forget Plasmas due to bright room ?

    c) If I get sky multiroom (for the new tv) do I need to worry about Freeview or Freesat ?

    d) I've never had a 3D tv and don't own a Blueray player - am I missing out ? Is 3D the way to go ?

    e) If I opt for a SMART TV can I play live streams from my computer onto the tv screen ?

    I appologies for it being a bit long winded but I thought if I dont ask then I'll be left scratching my head

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