Should I go for the Denon 2200?


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Feb 25, 2004
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Athens, Greece
Hi guys!
I'm interested in buying a universal player with prog.PAL (analogue is fine) and I think the 2200 is perfect. My amp will probaly be a Sony STR-DB790 connected with 106db 5.1 speakers (the brand is local Greek and really good...). The TV is a brand new Thomson 32WB642S (643 in UK).
I found this Denon only 578 Euros.
What do think? Have I taken the right decision? If you have anything else to suggest, please don't hesitate!
Thanx in advance,
And why not a Sony DVP-NS930V?

Video 9/2003 comparision (

1) Sony DVP-NS930V (81/100)
2) Denon DVD-2900 (80/100)
3) NAD T 562 (76/100)
4) Thomson DTH 311E (70/100)


Red Skorpion
Thanks Red Scorpion!
I know 930 very well, it's excellent !! But it's only 120 euros cheaper than the Denon 2200 and it doesn't play DVD-Audio. Considering buying a good universal with PAL-Prog, I believe 2200 is the best choice. The Sony plays CDs and SACDs better but its picture is not as good as the Denon (in my eyes...).
However, a nice surprise for me was the new Yamaha S540, which has excellent picture with PAL-Prog, better than BOTH the 930 and the 2200 but its only DVD-Video (no SACD or DVD-Audio). It costs only 170 Euros though, and I believe I'll buy it now and wait a few months for a Universal !!
What do you think?
All the best,
Thank you for the info!! Very helpful indeed!!
To be honest, I was looking for an online shop that you pay on delivery, and I'll check the one you told me!!
You convinced me about the 2200. I will move on to the purchase of a universal, but only after 6+ months!! In the meantime, I believe the Yamaha S540 is an excellent (and cheap...) choice!! What do u think?

Thanx again!
Thanx !!!

I saw the test but do you really believe that Sony 730 is better than the Yamaha S540?

I sent an e-mail to this shop and I wait for response.
I'll let you know tomorrow evening.

By the way, isn't there any cheap Italian online shop with payment in cash on delivery in Greece?

That would be class!!

All the best, Ilias.
I forgot to congratulate for buying the Sonys 790 and 930 at a very good price!! You know you've done an excellent choice! I will buy the 790 to play it with the 2200 as I told you at the beginning of this chat! But this will be much sooner, maybe next month. It's a brilliant and powerful machine, and apart from the 5.1 very good sound quality, it's very good in stereo performance as well!!
At the mo I still believe that the Yamaha S540 is a better value than the 730. See in DVD players. And I found it only 148Euros at a local chain!
All the best, Ilias.

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