Should I go 7.1.2 or 7.1.4 in my set-up?

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So...out of interest if I move the MLP forward 1-2 ft, shunt the sides forward to the edge of the chimney breast and space the rears out at the back more (toeing them out more too) that would help improve things sonically somewhat and increase the effect of the 4 atmos speakers?

Should do. If the pictures are deceptive, then it's difficult really to know.

But, in simple terms, it's about (roughly) spacing everything out angularly between speakers.

The actual guidelines are here...

Dolby Atmos Guidelines

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Or, as already suggested, go to 2 surrounds instead of 4.

Place two surrounds on stands further out near to the edge of the bay window pointing at MLP. Yes, the angle is further back than recommended but not the end of the world.

As a 5.x.4 system, this would then give you the height divide.


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Personally I'd go for bigger height speakers than the minx they're 150hz..stick to 80hz minimum.
Yeah I was using them just because I had a pair. To be fair I was unimpressed with them as hi-fi speakers for a micro set-up but thought the sub might offset their shortfalls...? What are people's thoughts on Gallo micro or Focal Dome speakers as atmos? (or Any other similarly small but decent options?)


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sorry to harp on but now you've all got me thinking I need to address the Side speaker issue..somehow. Out of interest does anyone have opinions/experience of side surrounds (monopole) slightly ahead of MLP. Would mounting them at "ear height" on the chimney breast be an option even if it is slightly ahead of me?
The alternative is for me to buy monitor arm/brackets and mount my computer client monitor above my main monitor where the side speaker is now. That way I can mount the sides surround at desk height butted up against chimney breast but I'm concerned right up again the wall may affect the sound?
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