Should I Get Dead Island


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Should I get Dead Island as at the moment GAME have it for £22.99 on there website so that means I could get it for £2.99 if I use my reward points. Someone told me it was like Fallout 3 crossed with Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead.
I have played Fallout 3 as but it took me a while to get into due to the limited ammo, and the amount of missable achievements, played boarderlands and absolutly loved it from the get go as it was easy to get into.
I have also played Left 4 Dead 1&2 but I liked them but they are abit repetive and weird and boring playing by yourself. I hated Dead Rising 1&2 due to the time restraints. Let us know what you think as for £2.99 it's a bargain but if you don't think I will like it I could spend my £20 reward points on something else.
The final thing is do you think I should possibly wait for a GOTY or something similar as I don't really like paying for DLC. Thanks in advance

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I was personally bored of it after only a few hours. That's only one person's opinion though, it got mostly positive, if not gushing reviews.

I was a big fan of Fallout 3 and Borderlands, Dead island doesn't get anywhere near either of those games imo.


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I loved it, id put it in my top 3 games of this year.

But you kind of have to believe in the game and live it.

I used my X41 headphones which enhanced the game x10.

Heres my post in the thread:

WOW... JUST WOW!!!!!

Finally got to play this last night, and i was expecting it to be good, but ITS A - MA - ZING!!!!

But moving on, the intro was great, 'Who do you voodoo?'

I read on twitter to select analogue combat, so i did straight from the start, and my first encounter i didnt have a clue how to do it, but once i got the hang of it, its way better, you feel the swing, and can hold up the weapon ready in anticipation, gives it much more involvement i think.

Also i decided i would play this with my X41's on, and MAN does it make it better!

You can hear groans coming from behind hedges and behind you etc. really immerses you in the world, makes it a different game TBH, just like it did for Alan Wake.

I love that your never taken out of 1st person view, eg when you get in a car, it would be easy for it to switch to a 3rd person view from behind the car, be it really works better to keep it 1st person, even the animation of getting in. Also getting knocked back by a zombie and getting back up all in 1st person is great.

The world is massive, im only still at the lighthouse, and it feels daunting going out of the compound.

Not touched MP yet, so to the guy wondering bout sp only, GET IT PLAYED MATE! (rent it) im loving it in SP, tho i'd like to play some MP at some point, its certainly not a MP only game like L4D.

I also read someone didnt like it cos they prefer zombies in hoards, but the scarceness of zombies in the game really works cos of the combat. In L4D the hoard works well cos theres always 4 players, and you got loads of guns, in Dead Island you can play it alone, with just a oar! And even when you see 3 zombies, you get a 'Oh s***!' moment.

Its also one of those games where you don't want to go in places! You forget its just a game and you can restart, did a side mission early on to find a guy for a key, followed a trail of blood that went down into some bogs, i just didnt want to go in! and of course when i went in it was.... well i'll leave it for all to discover, but ill just say it was great, horrid, scary, heart pounding!

I was actually checking my heart rate with an iphone app and it was raised !!

Bottom line, im totally blown away, yes i'm only 3 hrs in, but MAN im obsessing about it and cant wait to get back to it.

My advice: Get it, use analogue combat controls and wear surround sound headphones!

Definitely the most surprised ive been by a game this year! Brilliant! :clap::clap:


As you can tell i LOVED it, but its just my opinion.

Its also a massive game, i took something like 25 hrs, i did all the side missions, but there still was stuff to do.


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I'm about to cry just got in and read this went to order it and it's out of stock and I bet when it comes back in it will be full price.

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I played it for a few hours and loved it, but I got it a day before F1 2011 arrived so didn't play it much that week then a week later Fifa came out and havben't touched it since.
It's a really good game from how far I've got; unfortunately just (For me) released at the wrong time.

Judging by a few posts up, when i get back round to playing it I should use my X41's :p


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I went on there website 10 minutes later and refreshed the page and it said out of stock still, so searched the game and it said in stock clickec it and it said out of stock. So went out to the search list and added it to my cart from there and ten minutes later I get my your item has been dispatched. Then little while ago the actual games page has in stock. Another fail for the new GAME website, good news is I got Dead Island for £2.99


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It turnt up yesterday, and I love it although abit frustrating when you get a crowd of them and in the fact I've found several guns but hardly any ammo, any advice for someone starting and wanting to improve, I've started as Purna


i played it after getting it free with fhm. bored very quickly and very repeatitive. but maybe i didn't play it for long enough before selling it. never mind, another free copy with a free assassins creed revgelations turned up from fhm last wk so will give it another bash.


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How you get it free.


I fell like i need to thank BluWarfareHD09 for starting this thread.
I was casually reading through it last week and it made me think about buying it, even though it wasnt on my radar before........and i love it!!!!

Possibly one of my games of the year, but definitely my biggest surprise!!!


i subscribed to FHM magazine and they were giving it free. they sent it and then sent another copy and assassins creed. and a bottle of only the brave aftershave to.

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