Should I get a Servo15?


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I think I know what the answer is going to be....
Rest of system - amp TBA - currently Yammy A5, but soon to be Marantz 7300 or similar (or an HCPC decoder running to Naim 250 plus other power amps for surround channels - not sure I can face the hassle at the moment, so am considering selling the Naim gear - heresy I know, but a bit more family friendly).

Front speakers Shahinian Arcs, surrounds M77DS.

Room - L shaped, with main area 24' x 16', side area about another 10' x 10'. Construction - timber frame single storey - it used to be a workshop. Fairly "live" sounding. Crucual thing - it's 50 yards from the nearest neighbour, although my daughter's bedroom's in the vicinity (but she always wants to watch the film anyway).
So - is a Servo 15 overkill? Almost wish I hadn't seen that Richer have a delivery in (yes, I know I'll need to be quick)....


my room is 12 feet x 12 feet I use a servo-15 and two paradigm pdr10s and it's not overkill it's brilliant.

John DB

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I use 2 in a 15' x 12' room. They are running on tickover and provide oodles of tight, deep bass. When i read on previous threads where owners stated they had never had the balls to turn them up to 11 I thought they were having a laugh...

Truth is I also bottled it when everything in my room was vibrating like hell, my head hurt and I feared damage to my temporarily floor mounted Barco 1208.

I had a maximum 1k budget for subwooferage, nothing else would come close imo (without importing).


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Well, I'm very tempted. I think what I'll have to do is sell the Naim gear, which should fund the majority of a Marantz 7300 and a Servo 15.

Is the X30 a necessity - are these in as short supply as the '15s, or can I order without X30 and see, then get one afterwards if needed?


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I use 4 in a room 16'x20' (1 in each corner approx) and consider it anything BUT overkill.

Richard, I have one and want another. Fact is you can never have too much in reserve.
Your not going to be pushing the speaker in your room-so what! at least you can if you want to. Its better to have too much than not enough. Besides this one day you may move to a bigger place and at least you wont need a more powerfull sub.
Good luck i hope you get one!

Ian J

I've never heard a Servo 15 before. I wonder where the nearest place to Hockley is, to hear one in action :D :D


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Hockley eh? Bit of trip to Dosthill but your more than welcome :D

Just don't compare it to Eric's Batcave OK!!!!! :eek:

I'm a bit all over the place sub wise at the moment, as I've got more subs than space! But the Servo is up and running, not in the place I want it at but that will have to wait until I sell my two PDR 10's (a very underestimated sub in my opinion). But like I said Ian your more than welcome. BTW, I think I saw you today at the HiFi show up in "Madchester". You came to speak to Roland in the Denon demo room just after I'd finished speaking to him. I would have come and said hello but you were deep in conversation.




Yes, i know where you're coming from there mate.
I have my HGS-18 stuck rather crudely in front of the right main speaker, as i'm still decorating my newly situated lounge....I know it's terrible, it looks terrible, but i'll use this 'in-between' time to run the unit in for a bit...I haven't turned it off for 2 weeks since i last moved it.....and i usually leave a CD repeating all night...(that's more to do with me being lazy though!!!!)..

I would imagine, that if an audiophile saw my sub-positioning, he would hit me with the grill!......

I'm just biding my time until the real twiddling/fiddling starts when the new room is fully completed.



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It's a pain isn't it Adzman! The room has been finished for a while now (still bits and bobs but nothing really) . It's just subs cluttering everywhere!

There's also some things from the lounge up in the cinema room at the moment as we prepare for decorating down there. I've only just finished the bathroom!! it's never ending!!! :rolleyes:

Dave :

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