Should I get a RPTV?



Gonna take my Samsung CRT TV back tomorrow as the picture quality is pretty poor. Even though the image is sharp and clear, there is far to much streaking for my liking, as well as shadow on the left side of the screen.

At any rate. I am considering getting a Toshiba 40PW13 Rear Projection TV. I have searched here and on the dvdforums, and comments seem quite favourable (though none or few are in recent months). Also Home Cinema Choice gave it a good review...

My only concerns are on image burn, and potential flickering of the image as this TV is only 50Hz.

Can anyone provide any info on this TV?

Also, would I be better of paying £900 on this TV or getting a CRT TV for a similar price? To be honest I have become somewhat apathetic with CRT TV's lately, as it seems nearly all of them have some fault or other...(though I must admit I am being very picky).


Just been to our local dealer, looked at a number of Toshiba RPTV's, and they did look quite good. However, I did notice a hell of a lot of grain in the image. This was less noticable from a dictance, but in our living room I will be 6 foot from the TV so it will be very noticable.

Some of them had a digital TV image coming into them, and again very grainy, the ones with DVD running were less grainy, but it was still too noticable as well as a fair amount of flicker.

From what I could see, the TV's I looked at were chained together on their scart connection in batches of three. (I also don't think it was on RGB connection). They were reluctant to hook up a DVD player directly as they were about to close. But is such a grainy picture common on RPTV's, it really put me off the whole idea...


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I've got a 40in Tosh RPTV and there's no sign of grain with either Sky Digital or DVD, the picture quality is superb.
Having said that, I do remember when I first saw the set in a shop, the picture quality looked terrible and I almost didn't bother with the set - I'm very pleased I bought it now.


Okay, thanks for the reply. Do you think that sitting 7 foot from the screen would be too close?


Sorry to hear about your Samsung CRT problems.

I have used Samsung CRT sets at exhibitions and training sessions with pretty good results.

However I recently acquired a Samsung 42" RP TV which is very good with digital sources and superb with DVD component sources.

Analogue is - well analogue - and not particularly recommended.

But it sure looks good in my front room...

Viewing distance is about 12 feet - I guess around 3 metres in metric...


Jim, which model is it?

I've just ordered a Samsung SP42Q2HLX/XEU RPTV which is "HDTV ready", has component inputs, progressive scan, 100hz. I have read that this is an LCD RPTV but the manual (downloaded from Sammys website) doesn't say whether it is an LCD or not :(

Is it true that you don't need to worry about burn-in with an LCD RPTV?

So many questions, so little time *sigh*

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