Question Should I get a new tv ? which one ?


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Hi everybody.

I currently have a 32" Sony KDL-32T2600 TV. It's a HDready with a mex resolution of [email protected] I bought it in 2008 for 800€ (565£).
It still works perfectly well. I use it mostly for gaming (ps3, x360, WiiU, and older non-hd consoles), for computing and gaming on my pc, sometimes for movies (I don't watch them very often) and for some SD content (tv channels etc).

The thing is that when playing some games on my pc the screen feels a bit small as there can be in games some texts hard to read, can be due to resolution and/or screen size.
Now, my living room pc is not a beast but can handle very well some "big" games in 720p. (for example nowadays I play Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition, everything maxed out at 1360x768 and 60fps constant). But for the "real" pc games and more demanding games I have another more powerful pc in the bedroom to a pc monitor in FullHD. Just so you know that I play on pc in my living room for games where I can sit in my couch and play with a controller.
Another example is the game Xenoblade Chronicles X, coming out in a month on WiiU. When I watch videos of it (in 1080p on youtube) I can see that there are some texts in the UI which are really small and hard to read. Would a FullHD bigger TV help ?

One more important information I guess: I sit at about 2m (6/7 feet) away from my TV.

Anyway, what I'm looking for is a TV of 40" (I think it's the right size), not too exepensive. That would give me at least similar image quality as my current one in every departement. Meaning both SD and HD. I would also gladly have a better contrast and blacks than I have on my current TV.
But do you think it's worth the change, would I really benefit from the change ?

I have looked for what I could find here where I live and unfortunately the popular Samsung H6200/H6400 and Sony w605/w705 are either no more or overpriced.
So that's what I found:

Samsung UE40J5105 - 348€ (246£)
Panasonic TX-40CS520E - 399€ (282£)

Samsung UE40J6202 - 499€ (352£)
Panasonic TX-40CS630E - 549€ (388£)

Which one of these is the best deal ? I don't care about 3D (never tried) or about "smart TV".
And another question: if the J5105 is the "worst" of these 4 because it's the cheapest. Would the difference between that J5105 and my Sony be bigger than between the J5105 and the Panasonic CS630E ?

I haven't found much on the web about those tv's so I gladly take advise.

Thanks !


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double post:

the two last tv's are in bold, that's a mistake but I don't seem to be able to edit it.

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