Should I get 77" LG C1 or 65" Samsung S95B?


Hello guys.
I need some advice on which TV should I choose. My current TV is Philips 50PUS8804, so whatever I choose I should have a pretty damn good upgrade.
Here in Portugal I can get 77 inch LG C1 for a bit less then newest 65 inch Samsung S95B Oled. Let's just get this out of the way - I'm an idiot when it comes to color accuracy, so even though I've read that Samsung is inaccurate, I don't really care. Vivid colors are just appealing to me.
I've heard that Samsung S95B basically knocks everything out of the park when it comes to picture quality, but I've also read that whenever you can, you should probably get bigger TV, since it will benefit you more than a bit better image and otherwise you will quickly regret your decision. Anyway, I'm hoping I don't have to upgrade my TV in the next 5 years so I really want to get the best option. One more thing to note is that I don't want to wait for next year, I've been waiting enough years with my LCD and I really want to get into OLEDs.

The usage would be 45% TV shows, 45% gaming, 10% movies. Everything in the evenings.

Thank you for any help, I will be happy to clarify everything if you guys need more information.


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I would not touch Samsung with a barge pole.
C1 in 83 inch is OLED on Steroids :thumbsup:
Just bagged one with massive reduction on price due to it being outgoing model.


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Well done mate. It should be pretty special!
Makes my 65 inch E6 look like a portable screen 😄
Well worth the outlay in my opinion 😉

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