should i change?


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Hi folks,

I currently have a humble Sony HS1 pj in my home cinema room. I use if for DVD from a Sony ns930 component progressive feed. To be honest i only get to watch a film once every two weeks if i'm lucky. I'm still mightilly impressed with the set up but as always there's an itch to upgrade!

The thing is - how much better will my picture be if i upgrade? I don't want/have a fortune to spend on a new pj so what sort of options would i be looking at. I'd like to try and sell my current projector but what is it worth? Would i get 600 euro for it?

If i then added another 800/900 what would i get that would be significantly better than my hs1 for about 1500 euro?

Of course my hs1 will probably last me a lifetime.. .The lamp hasn't even 200 hours on it and at the rate i watch films the lamp should last me a good while yet.

What would i be looking for in a new projector? Well one that has good picture - runs very quiet and is easy to ceiling mount. Of course it'd be nice if i could use my expensive sony pj cable but i guess i could always sell that with the hs1. Sorry if the post seems like a bit of a ramble

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