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I currently own a Nintendo Switch which I bought for convenience since I can still play videogames when going on vacation. I was wanting opinions on whether I should sell my Nintendo and save for a 'gaming PC' around the $1000 mark (I don't have a very big budget), I currently have an i5 8th gen laptop but I don't know much about PC's because I am not a 'serious' gamer, I am more casual. I was thinking of getting a friend to help me build a PC since I am told you can build a more reliable and much cheaper PC if you build one. I am thinking of changing because I want all of the "3rd party" games like Apex Legends and Anthem, Etc. I have PC friends so they recommend getting a PC because you don't have to pay for PS+ (I had a PS3 so this would be a new thing for me since I didn't need it on PS3) and they are more flexible to program... etc. I am all confused an not sure as to whether I should change from Switch to PC or PS4 (though I heard rumors of a PS5) because I am unhappy with the lack of games on the Switch and it's underpowered majorly.
Any advice would be helpful

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I would say PC is the best option for you as there is way more games on a PC than on the switch or PS4. However to get most games working on a PC you need a decent PC which tend to be way more expensive than a ps4 and switch put together.

PS4 are very good and I would recommend to get one and still can afford other things.

With the Switch it depends if you want to keep it because new games are coming out for example mario maker 2 or other games. But yes the switch doesnt have many games I would dance for a moment.


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For a variety of parameters, computers will never give up primacy to game consoles in terms of their functionality - ease of use, innovation, flexibility in management, a configuration with the ability to improve operating parameters and support for old games.

Advantages of computers:
  • Choosing between a computer or a console, for many people, the most important advantage of the first option is the possibility of increasing productivity.
  • Convenience and functionality of the device. If, for example, you need to type text on a set-top box or PC, then the choice is already apparent — the same situation with surfing the Internet.
  • The possibility of remote access to the game. On the console, this functionality is available only with a special adapter.

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