Should i change my Onkyo 805 for Arcam 350?

Nick Webb

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Hi all,

i've finally come to the conclusion that my Onkyo 805 just doesn't cut it with cd's. Due to the credit crunch i've sold my two channel system :( so i now need my av system to sound better with music.

I've seen an Arcam AVR 350 going cheap and wondered if that would be a good option. I see it doesn't support the bluray hd audio codecs which my Onkyo does. I'm going to replace my Samsung bluray and wondered if i bought a bluray player which supports the new hd codecs like the forthcoming Pioneer models would i then get the hd audio through the Arcam?

I've also seen Arcam Arcam DIVA AVP700 & P1000 going very cheap , would this be a better option? Ithink it may be overkill considering i'm only using satellite 5.1 speakers (Cabasse Eole £1400). My other kit is Pioneer 989 dvd player, Samsung 1500 bluray, Fujitsu 58 series plasma.

Also, how much should i advertise the Onlyo for? It's near mint and about two years old, i think i paid £900 for it?

Any advice/opinions most welcome.




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In order to get HD audio from the Arcam, your next bluray player will need full HD audio decoding and also multi-channel analogue outputs. The Arcams are cracking receivers. I would venture into the Arcam owners forum, although expect the opinions in there to be a slightly biased. :D

Nick Webb

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Hi, can you suggest any bluray players that provide this? Either out now or forthcoming?

I read somewhere that Pioneer were releasing some new players but can't seem to find anything on the net.



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I have a 350 and it is the best amp I have owned by a long way.
Players with analogue outputs include the Pioneer 51 and 71. Also all but the base sony and panasonics I believe have the same function.

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