Should I change my amp and dac? (advice)

My current setup: Acoustic Energy AE100 MK II + Micromega MyAMP + Topping D10s
Recently, I have considered some bigger integrated amplifiers for better sounds and experience, here are my picks below:

1. DENON PMA-600NE (or 800NE)
2. Marantz PM6007
3. Audiolab 6000A (no Bluetooth version)

DAC picks:


Actually, I am hesitating about that, because MyAMP sounds great and clear, it is enough for pairing with my speakers.
I am afraid that the 3 amps I picked do not sound smooth and natural as MyAMP does, though more powerful.

Anyway, should I upgrade or change my AMP and DAC? Or just keep them? Thanks.
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I don't see any improvement coming from changing a £500 amp for a £500 amp.

An amp and dac change is really about getting ready for new speakers.

I like speakers 2 x price of amp, amp 2 x price of dac.

£350 for dac/headphone amp.

£700 for amp. That's a little too close to what you have now so going nearly new with warranty should get you a £1050-£1,400 amp for £700. Go minimalist analogue or power amp if you don't need analogies inputs.

£1400 for forever speakers. Not much can go wrong with speakers, so nearly new gets you £2,100-£2,800 for £1400

The crux is trying to integrate room eq so much better to buy an arcam sr250 instead.



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I'd upgrade your speakers also maybe add a sub


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While you may find a slight different character from switching amp and/or that may be more to your liking, I would suggest looking into replacing the speakers fro a more obvious upgrade in sound.


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Mabye look at the Cambridge audio AXA35, the dac is very good , unless you buy above the E30 it wont make a difference

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