Should I change from Virgin to BE ?



Hi - I have a question

My broadband supplier is - via the BT line. (I am pretty close to the exchange - maybe 300metres)
I WAS on an 8meg connection but was getting high pings with online gaming - so to help with this Virgin changed me to the 2meg service instead - this uses a different line or something (I have no idea really! :) ) and it HAS lowered my online gaming PING quite a bit.

However - having 2meg is a bit rubbish and I am considering changing to BE internet and their 24 meg service (I called them and they reckon where I live i should get 18meg speed) - **my question is**..... if i change to BE on this higher speed service, how likely is it that I will get decent ping rates with online gaming? Wouldn't the BE broadband be coming to me down exactly the same wires (or whatever it is!) as Virgin's BB? Or were the high pings with Virgin's 8meg service due to too many users or network traffic?

Is there anyone else using BE in the west-end / central of london who can give me some idea of whether it's any good?

Thx for reading!


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Pings depend on various things. Obviously where you are & where the server you are connecting to is of important relevance.

So far as your ISP is concerned the main issues are peering arrangements & packet loss. So two different ISPs are only using the same wires up until your local telephone exchange. After that there can be drastic differences in ping times between ISPs.

Virgin ADSL's network is very saturated resulting in packet loss. Plus I don't think their peering arrangements are that good either. I have certainly seen lots of comments regrading virgin ADSL & poor pings.

Another important factor is whether your line is set to fast path or interleaved. Fast path is better for pings & speed. Interleaving offers better stability at the expense of a little bit of speed but quite a lot of ping!

I suspect when virgin downgraded you, you simply changed from interleaved to fast path.

I think BE's pings are generally OK, and I think their customer support will put you onto fast path if you badger them to. I'm sure some kind BE customer will post some ping results to jolt, BBC etc for comparison.

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