Should i cancel a direct debit


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I changed my isp to bt on may 6th, i went from orange, today i noticed that orange have taken a payment and there is another one due to be taken out in ten days, should i cancel the direct debit as i dont think i should be paying for it anymore


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Yes but you are obliged to tell them that you are doing so.

By cancelling you have effectively done that but ping them an eMail anyway.




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yea i emailed them regarding it, the statement says they are charging me next for the period 3/06- 02/07 but im not using them so i dont want to pay it. thanks


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No as the debt will still be due and they may well simply ask you for it in one go

When changing suppliers you need to give notice within the minimum period of notice. Typically 30 days. In writing by recorded delivery or email so you know that they have received it

If you are saying you did all that and they are still taking money then yes you should be OK with cancelling and asking for the return of the sum

If you are saying you have not done that then you need to contact them with a smile to get out of it. You will pay at the very least a cancellation fee

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Don't cancel till it's sorted. They'll stick you on the bad creditors and open a can of worms. Nearly happened to me after a massive dispute with my gym


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Cancell but make you sure you pay in another way,i clear my credit card and after 10 day they took my money again,i call and they told me 'oh you should cancell the direct debit and took me a mounth for have my money back:thumbsdow:thumbsdow:mad:


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Phone them to ask their justification. If its invalid they will be able to stop the transaction or tell you to cancel yourself and they will leave a credit note for when the bill goes unpaid.

If their justification is valid, then let it go out.

If you ever have a payment go out that is invalid by DD, just do an Indemnity Claim with your bank, money back in 48 hours :)

You must tell the providor if you cancel the instruction so they can be aware, otherwise they might have the right (as per your agreed terms and ocnditions with them ) to charge you for a refer to payer rejection when they try and take the payment.

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