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Should i buy Yamaha DSP-A2 or H/K AVR 7000

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Mad Max911, Dec 20, 2000.

  1. Mad Max911

    Mad Max911

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    I'm about to buy a new surround amplifier and my former amplifier was a Yamaha RX-V595 a and i was wery happy with especially because of its dynamic range. Now i have been introduced to Harman kardon avr7000 but i dont know if its the "ONE" or it's the Yamaha DSP-A2 (RX-V2095). I want an amplifier which is capable of a great dynamic range an channel seperation, i dont listen to music so i dont care if it sounds like crap. I'm a movie buff thats all. Please help.
  2. General Skanky

    General Skanky
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    Jul 28, 2000
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    Don't know anything about the Harman.
    the Yamaha is a brute.
    It will blow you away. If you can get it at a good price, as it's 2 years old now, you'll be laughing.
    Harman have a good rep. but if you like to have your pants blasted off at ten paces, let the Yamaha rock in your house!
    But the best advice as always is to demo them.
    But the Yamaha is still your all round AV amp, without getting into Dolby Digital EX.
    Have fun choosing. [​IMG]

    Douch!!......Wot's da madder, da CIA got you pushing too many penzils?

    Work: www.hughes-tv.co.uk

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