Should I buy this 42" Plasma - LG 42PX3RV ?



I'm looking for a new Plasma when my Tiny 4200 is collected and taken away (to be dropped out of a high window I hope :D )

So I have been looking for a screen within my budget of approx £1500. Preferably something that will take the new Sky HD signal when it’s turned on.

I am looking at this screen:-

•Technical Specifications:
•42“ (106cm)
•Dimension of Panel 922X520 mm in 16:9
•New XD Engine™ & Faroudja DCDi™ picture System
•2 Tuners with 1500 pages Videotext
•Brightness 1500 cd/m² without filter
•Contrast ratio 10000:1 without filter
•Film Filter Technology with 180° view-angle
•ISM, Orbiter, Inverter and White Wash
•852 x 480 Pixel, 16,7 million colours


•Audio Stereo 2x15W

•PC Audio
•3x Scart (1 RGB)

No brand or cost snobs please. If you only argument is its cost, please don’t bother. I know there are a lot of people on here who know more than a healthy amount about plasma’s so If you can give me any technical reasons why its crap or good that would be cool.

The only down point I can find is the 16,7 million colours, which to my knowledge means solorisation is inevitable.


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No. They don't have a tuner,speakers,mount, or input boards.
Do you have freeview/sky?
What other equipment do you have?


I don’t really need a tuner as I have sky and never use the analogue terrestrial signal.

I have an amp, but don’t want to have to use it all the time. Seems pointless to have to turn on the amp to watch BBC breakfast while eating my cornflakes in the morning :D


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it becomes second nature to turn the amp on.......and it's not tricky ;-) especially if you get an all in one remote. Select "watch Sky", for example, the digibox, the amp and the screen are all turned on in one go.


A pair of stereo speakers from Richers end of line counter are the route around that problem for PWD owners. It has an amp built in, and spring clip speaker connections. The Panasonic add on speakers look like elephant's ears and are very poor value, about £200 or so. Now they've brought the price on the panel down to something nearly sensible, they try and make up the lost income on extras. That's my theory anyway. You'll find opinion sharply divided here on LG. Those who own them swear by them, unless they go wrong. Those who don't own them pour scorn on them. That's well up on Tiny of course, it was very hard to find anyone with anything decent to say! If you must have a TV, and HD compatible is on your list, this might be the best value for you. Few would dispute the Panasonic is a better screen, but it lacks the tuner, speakers and bucket loads of connectivity, which even I admit is an LG strong point. They all accept just about any video signal on God's earth. I use an LG LCD TV for testing DVD's, set top boxes, PC outputs etc as it 99% of the time will give a picture, even if no other display will.

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