Should I buy the Sony KDL22E5300U 'Picture Frame' TV?


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Hi everyone

I put up a thread a couple of weeks ago about a suitable 22" LCD TV for the bedroom. My local shop has the Sony in stock and have offered it for a reduced price including a 5 year guarantee.

It looks very nice, though of course the picture in the shop was HD and switching to SD is always going to look a bit disappointing. The viewing angle is very good vertically though, which is important given that it will be mounted high up on the bedroom wall.

Because this is quite a new model there's not a lot on the internet in terms of reviews etc. I'm becoming quite keen to go for it... Any thoughts or recommendations anyone?

Thanks in advance



well its expensive for such size,but if you cant go any higher,the best quality 22" by far.


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Yes, I was a bit horrified by the price when seeing it, but most 22" TVs don't seem to quite tick the boxes. I contemplated a 26" (and the wife almost agreed!) but it's got to go in a corner by the bedroom door and a 26" would be just a bit too imposing. If I have to have a 22" I'd rather it was a really good quality one.

I made some card mock-ups of 22" and 26" models to check. I've chased the wall out for power and aerial connections because I didn't want cables running down the wall. A good mounting arm should allow them to be totally behind the TV.

Thanks for the feedback so far.


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Any more thoughts anyone?

There are a couple of reviews on Amazon, but they're not great. If anyone here owns this TV I would value your feedback.



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Just to give an update on this one...

Went back to the shop and decided to try out a Sony KDL22S5500U. Cheaper and more conventional in it's styling, plus no internet widgets etc.

Took it home and unpacked (not one on display in the shop, but they let me take things home without paying anything to try out first) and set up.

First impressions of picture and sound were quite respectable, though my wife came home and said she thought the picture looked murky. Upon cranking up the backlight there is very noticable unevenness, especially around the edges where it was lighter by a considerable amount.

When going to bed that night set the sleep timer (something I have done on the bedroom TV for years). Was horrified to find that it would not wake up from the remote the next morning. The power button on the TV would not wake it up either. Only by turning off completely at the mains could I get it to turn on! This happened two mornings in a row, so not even an intermittent fault.

Will be returning it later today and am going to try the KDL22E5310 (my original thought) The spec looks far better on this one, so hopefully I might be happier with it.

Would NOT recommend the KDL22S5500U to anyone, despite finding some favourable reviews on t'internet.

Will feed back on next model tomorrow! :)


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The E is expensive, but, to be honest, if I wanted a TV of that size, I wouldn't settle for anything less.
The E uses the same panel as the W series but Sony tend to stick on around an extra £100 for the picture frame design & have been doing this for a few years now! I have a 32E4000, which is a nice TV & all in all would recomend it, but only if your after a 'picture' frame design or something that is 'wife' friendly :)


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Heh, yes it is a bit girly!

Have now got it home and set it up. The picture is vastly superior to the 'S' series with a lot more contrast and vibrancy. Sound is okayish, about on a par with most 22" TVs. It puzzles me how a tiny Ipod speaker system can sound awesome for it's size (I have the Logitech MM50), but manufacturers don't seem to be able to do it with a small TV.

Shame they have given me the all white one, which will have to be swapped again for one with a black surround.

TONS of settings to play with for picture, but first impressions are good...
Its a nice TV for sure & PQ wize I think you would be hard pushed to find something better! especially since most in the size range cater for the budge end of the market :) let us know how you get on mate, girly or not its very nice TV.


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Well, after much playing last night I have to say that I am very pleased with this TV. The picture is great, sound is fine, but not amazing. Have done much tweaking of settings and have arrived at an excellent picture, very punchy and crisp.

I also really like the newer on screen menus and layout. Plus the TV came out of standby fine this morning!

Am picking up a black-framed version later so will hopefully be sorted then.
Thanks for the advice on this. It may be expensive but there is certainly a huge difference in quality between this and the cheapies.

Cheers. :)

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