Should I buy Samsung UE42F5000 or PS434500???

Dan Drake

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I have narrowed my search down to 2 of the latest released Samsung's, but I really can't decide which one to go for.

The TV will be used with my HTPC and will mainly be playing blu ray rips.

I don't need the smart tv bits and I'm not too worried about 3D.

The PS43F4500 is a plasma and will only be able to handle 720p but costs £340 while the UE42F5000 is an E-LED and is 1080p but costs £500.

I don't want there to be any noticeable motion blur or major lag issues so was leaning towards the plasma but also was a bit worried that the picture quality would be noticeably worse due to it only being 720p.

If there are any techies that could give me a bit of push in either direction that would be great.


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i gotta ask, where are you finding the f5000 for 500?


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Just found your thread and was wondering what you bought in the end? Sounds like I'm looking now for the same thing as you were, and we've come to similar conclusions. I have the 2 Samsung models but also the Panasonic X60 Plasma on my short list.

If you can tell me what you decided and how it's gone I'd be grateful.

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