Should I buy Canon G30 Vixia (NTSC) or Legria (PAL)


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Hi All

While I have seen many discussion threads on NTSC vs Pal, and 50p vs 60p I am still unclear on what I should do: I am based in UK but I am in the US for a few weeks. I want to get a Canon G30. Buying a Vixia G30 (NTSC) in the US will be much cheaper here than buying a Canon Legria G30 (PAL) back in the UK.

I edit on Premiere 11 Elements. My output formats will either be Full HD for YouTube, Full HD 'files' for playing on PC/PS4, or mastering BluRay discs to share with friends in the UK.

If I buy the NTSC version (the Vixia) which allows 24p, 30i, 30p, 60i and 60p am I still going to be able to meet my output requirements above? The PAL version - as you would expect - offers 24p, 25i, 25p, 50i and 50p.

My (small) brain tells me that it should not restrict me making YouTube submissions or MP4s etc to play on PC/PS4 (as they are not limited to just one of the 50/60 rates?) But that when mastering a BluRay for UK consumption I may need to force this into a PAL basis?

Of course I could be talking nonsense (happens with frequency).

Any advice from you much cleverer lot would be really appreciated!


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If it was me i would always buy Pal,editing can give enough problems without adding to it,but no doubt some people do use NTSC cams here without problems.


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Blu-ray content is almost always 1080p24 across the globe.

In fact it's the only Full HD progressive format (1920 x 1080) specified in the original Blu-ray spec so any Blu-ray player will support 1080p24.

PAL and NTSC are irrelevant as they refer to analogue colour TV standards. Content recorded in 1080p24 should play back in any blu-ray player in any country in the world. In some cases the TV may not support 24P, in this case the Blu-ray player will output a suitable frame rate to compensate.


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The pal HF-G30 records 25P 50i or 50P no 24P,i am not sure if the NTSC equivalent does 24P as well as 30P 60i and 60P

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