Should I buy budget first till I know exact speaker positions


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Hi all, Im putting together a surround sound 5 speakers (sub may follow!). But, want to wait until I hear how it sounds until I see how the room should be layed out. This means I dont know know how much speaker cable I will need to buy - want to wait to see how it sounds etc.
So, I was thinking I should buy some budget speaker cable somewhere and play around until I get proper layout sorted and then upgrade the cables. Can anyone recommend anything - will need to ship to rep of Ireland?
I reckon I need very roughly
2x12 metres for rears, 1.5m centre, 1.5left (biamped) 2 right (biamped)
Arcam and Mission combination.

and also
if Im bi amping - do I need to by bi wire cable?
Does Arcam take 4mm banana plugs - am also trying to see if Mission M74s will take banana plugs too or should I just use bare ends at speakers which is what ive read here.

Will get there eventually!!
use string then mesure it. Bi amping is your choice for me dont bother and put the money towards better speaker cable, you wont me able to hear the diffrence with it so why use it.


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use string then mesure it.

The OP wants to listend first then decide and I find string is a poor conductor of electricity :)

Excellent idea for working out the proper lengths though as people very often underestimate the allowance required for going up and down to floor level etc.

Bi amping is your choice for me dont bother and put the money towards better speaker cable, you wont me able to hear the diffrence with it so why use it.

I wonder if you are thinking about bi-wiring not bi amping?

I would agree that bi-wiring is not worth doing, bi-amping on the otherhand does deliver noticable improvments if the amp is genuinely capable of bi-amping not just presenting multiple connections to the same circuit.

For the OP, I'd be inclined to work out how much difference there is between the different speaker positions and if it is not that great then buy for the worst case rather than waste moneyt on something just to discard it.

Also if you buy too cheap and don't get enough copper you won't get a good guide to how it will really sound anyway.


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I have bi amped my Arcam and just used two lengths of the same speaker cable (no need to buy bi wire speaker cable). As stated above just buying a bit extra good cable may be better. If you do want to buy some cheap cable then richersounds do some quite cheap stuff (also can order on line and shipping is either free or virtually nothing for cable).


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Plenty of copper here which should do fine without upgrading unless you really want brand named stuff in a fancy jacket. ;)


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davebrown88 - thanks for the string tip will do that to help measure

MarkTaylor - thanks yep it is biamping - am still trying to learn the lingo. Your prob right I should just overestimate a bit and buy once.

PSM1 - didnt know you could do that thanks!! shipping will prob cost a bit for me though as its republic of ireland delivery - a lot of places dont seem to ship to here from my research earlier today.

Davepuma - interesting, Im new to this but do have a keen musical ear so sound is important but money is too unfortunately!! have been reading reviews about cables and reading some of the great debate on do cables make a difference - have sent an email to see if these deliver to ireland. Was thinking of getting qed original rears and the silver for fronts but if this stuff is good well..... it would be easier on the pocket! Would the 1.5, 2.5 or 4mm be more suitable for the lenghts I mentioned do you know? I think the 2.5??

Anyone else out there used the cable suggested by davepuma?? if so what do you think??
Anyone dealt with this company and know if they deliver to ROI - want to order amp tonight and trying to see if I should buy cable with it to save shipping... or whether to go with the unbranded one per davepuma...thanks for all the help


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Google suggests cabling4less doesnt deliver outside uk - so Ive found what I think is similar - see below except for it doesnt have Transparent cadnium free PVC listed. Does it seem ok or is there any other info I need about it?
Cable size - 2 x 2.5mm squared
Conductor - 322 x 0.1mm
Conductor type - oxygen free copper
Cable overall dimensions - 3.6mm x 7.5mm
Polarisation - one core has a strip
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