Should I buy a Denon 3800? or wait


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Oct 8, 2002
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Ive got money to burn and I want to upgrade from my Tosh 210 (how much of a difference will i notice?). Read all the problems from here and talked to the dealers about the hang ups and as per usual i get the "ive not heard anything like that" So either they are telling porkie pies or the people they have sold them to cant be bothered to tell of their problems. Is this a Multi region problem I.E. hass everyones players been upgraded to MR? if i get my Player R2 only will i get any hanging and wait for the awaited Denon MR disc?

Hi - I too am considering getting the 3800 in the near future. Hence why I have been posting to try and find out about issues both here and on the US avsforum.

I think that generally it would be best to wait a bit. Going on what has been said in threads with "markbuffyfan". The issues do seem to be related to dodgy MR firmwares so buying an R2 player *should* be ok. I have heard though that denon had physical problems with early dvd drive mechs which also caused problems. So who knows??? I think mark is happy with his R2 player and hasn't had any problems - he is waiting for his supplier to let him know when the official denon MR firmware is available.

If you do get the urge to buy soon, I would buy an R2 player from a dealer where you can get the new MR firmware or where you can return the player in the event of problems...

Me, I'm gonna wait...until auth denon dealers say things are stable or mark posts that the new MR firmware is OK.

HTH :)

cheers jason and thanx for the words of faith lol.

I will post on here the moment its available and works.

As a region 2 machine its beyond reproach and now i have a ggod driend who is an arcam owner admitting its a better pic as well as the pioneer 747 guy.

cant wait to try out all my sparlky r1 though !!!!!
Ok so the Credit card will stay locked up for another month :( and wait till end of the month or until denon get their finger out.
Sad i know, dont really want the others just wouldnt look right next to my 3802:rolleyes: and how much of a better picture would you expect to get with the pioneer or sony on a panny 28" tv?. Not alot to my guesstimation
I bought my multiregion PAL-P model from a Denon Gold dealership and it has been superb so far, though I've only watched a couple of films. The discs are very warm when I finish as many have noted, but so far I have seen no lockups etc.

Picture quality on R1 is exceptional, I only have a couple of R2 titles but they are also pretty good, though not in the same league as my R1 titles. This may have something to do with my plasma display, which is native 480p resolution for the R1 titles whereas I imagine some downconversion is required for the PAL-P stuff. Still, with 400 R1 and 3 R2 I am not complaining! :D

I heard from my dealer this morning who had the following to say:

I've just spoken to Denon regarding the firmware revision for your player, and have been assured that once an availability date has been confirmed, we will be sent a press release followed by the update itself. Apparently, this revision also brings improvements to the picture performance as well.

As I said, I haven't experienced any problems so I will check the Denon firmware carefully first, to make sure I don't lose Multiregion capability for example. It needs to be a MR, PAL-P and chroma fix compatible upgrade to be really useful. I have all those features now but I am still interested in case I start to develop problems as has happened with some other players. It would at least be useful to then be on a Denon standard build or similar. Having said that, if I didn't read this board I would be oblivious to the issues and be TOTALLY delighted with my player now. Reading this stuff makes you a little paranoid... ;)
Hi Carl

I am in Huntingdon this weekend, is the dealer in the area, and do they have a demo system I might have a butchers at?

I am on the verge of getting the credit card out..
I live in Godmanchester, right next to Huntingdon, so if you want a demo I'd be happy to oblige. PM me if you'd be interested.

The dealership is in Peterborough...
Hi Carl,

yeah, I noticed your location,
my girlfriend lives in Hertford, so I am really tempted by your offer.
I lived in Peterborough, and would visit Severnoaks frequently,

last time they said they could do multiregion 2800, but then said it would not match my 2802 amp, which confused me greatly:confused:

I'll PM you tomorrow if I think i can get away from the girlfriend long enough (apparently we're off to someone's wedding:( )

I am decorating Saturday so will be around all morning. You can always nick off for half an hour while your girlie is deciding which hat to wear... :D
If you're going, or know anyone who is, to the Manchester show I would strongly suggest you go and ask Denon/Hayden this directly.

They need to know that people just simply are looking elsewhere with the mess over their fimeware updates. Their technical support people who should be aware of all of the issues mentioned are on their stand, so this is a golden opportunity.

Ian Guinan
carl are u saying your dealer supllied u with a muti region pal prog player with a firmware from else where but he knows the offical version has not come out yet ?

please explain if u dont mind im a little confused

No I am not saying that. All I am saying is that my dealer has provided a player with a MR Pal-P firmware that works fine, but he is aware there is a firmware update due from Denon in the next few weeks. This is not to say mine is not a Denon firmware, only that he is aware of another update shortly.

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