Should i bother?

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Right here we go again. I never stop spending on this damn hobby.
All my gear in my sig. The question is.... I was think maybe i could improve the bottom end of my setup. I know the old gale sub is not supposed to be all that great but ive had limited experiance with subs. I think she's done fine. Listen to as much music as movies maybe more. And it sounds ok.
I have it set at neighbour freindly volume which i think is probably just about spot on anyway. It just underpins music and you can feel it abit with certain movies.
So would i benefit from a more expensive/powerfull sub as far as control and all round performance goes even though i don't use it to shake the house.
The gale is rated at 65w and frequency range is 40hz upwards.


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if your happy , then why spend the money ??

For the record , yes i do think you can get alot more bang for your buck , even spending less than 300 quid.


AV Monkey

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Thanks chris, I was thinking that maybe the gale was not necesserily underpowered certainly as the volume on the back is only set 1/3 of the way round. But i do feel it maybe lacking in control. As i guess you may say a little flappy if that makes sense. A more expensive better quality sub would tighten up the LFE and give more punch and pace to music and maybe give a less lazy LFE sound? Does this make sense from my description?


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Yes I understand, a higher powered sub will definately give you more control and punch. I think you have answered your own question . Save a few hundred quid and get yourself a BK sub.

blue max

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I tend to agree with Stoatman.

You have all your kit now. When trying to upgrade a single component, try to ensure it will be suitable with the next round of upgrades. For example, if you buy more capable speakers, you wouldn't want your new sub to be letting the sound down. I would suggest you buy something pretty decent (BK and SVS come to mind), then you would not really have to be looking at an upgrade anytime soon. If you can't stretch to one just now, rather than buying another that is only slightly better, save your money until you can get a high quality unit. And as I always say, check the classifieds here as they often have bargains (where I bought mine!).

Good luck.

Ian J

I was thinking that maybe the gale was not necesserily underpowered

It's not really about power but quality as my first sub was a REL Q Bass which had a 40 watt amplifier but possibly higher quality components.

With cheaper subs you will get a lot of noise but unfortunately it's mainly distortion. Critical listening will show up the fact that the timing and control is pretty poor as the sub will still be playing the bass note when the rest of the system has moved onto the next note.

Even if you are happy with the present volume levels you will still benefit from a better sub and I would also agree that you could do far worse than look at BK's range as they have something to suit most budgets


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My first subs were REL Q50's (50 watt) and they sound great - just selling them both now actually,they're on Ebay.

AV Monkey

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Thanks guys, I was wondering about the ms309. Not bothered about staying one manufacturer really. But would the 309 be equivalent to the BK. If i so wished?

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