Should i be worried..??

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Hi guys

Over the last week or so after i put my HD box into standby before going to bed (HD box in my bedroom near my bed) the fan/s in the box take ages to go off.

They used to go quiet immediatly and now don't. Eventually things go quiet but during the night the fans will kick in again and go on for ages. It's loud enough to wake me in a quiet room and is getting really annoying. I've now had to get up and physically pull the power lead out the back of the box in order to sleep :eek: but remeber to plug it in the next morning or risk missing something i've scheduled to D/L.

The box never feels to hot and is well ventilated and dust free.

Is this a warning my box is about to conk out? :(

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With the box being in the bedroom, you may be having problems with dust, which may make the fans seem noisier and maybe run a little longer if their efficiency is affected. Also, updates for the box tend to be downloaded in the early hours of the morning, which makes the fans kick in. So i believe anyway.


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I take it you know about the `Anytime` programs being downloaded to you HD box?

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Funnily enough i've not heard of the Anytime function though seen it mentioned on the forums today :)

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