Should I be worried about Burn in on Panasonic OLED?


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Well that’s what on my sony as i wrote before under 3 yrs old
Rarely hear of Sony OLEDs going bad. I have only seen one other report. The reason for this is that Sony made very few 2017 models (A1’s, such as yours).

it is rare for 2017 models to experience burn in and almost unheard of for 2018 and newer OLEDS.


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So if the fear of the mere possibility of burn-in is your primary concern, the decision is simple: buy an LCD-based display instead. This way you have one less thing to worry about in your life. Most people that fear burn in are generally more anxious than the norm and have a elevated fear of failure coupled with having a hard time making decisions. Buying an OLED TV would just add more anxiety to your life.

A few AVForum members claim cases on 2018 OLED TVs are starting to show up with burn in or PIR. I can’t find 10 reports. There have been over 10 million OLEDs sold since 2018. Unfactual generalized statements by these few AVForum members cause confusion.

In the United States there is a non for profit organization called Consumer Reports. They have collected reliability data on over a 130,000 Televisions.

Below is a summary of their reliability data..

20 percent of Vizio, RCA, Westinghouse, and Element have problems in the first 5 years. Even Sony, Samsung, Hisense, and LGs failure rate is around 10 percent in the first 5 years. You can see from the reliability data that OLED Burn In on 2018 and newer OLED TVs should be the last thing to worry about when buying an OLED TV. Your OLED TV is over a 1000 times more probable to develop a problem because of other issues than burn in. I have to agree with Vincent Teoh when he says OLED Burn in is extremely overblown.
I'm not sure i agree on your statement that burn in worry is a proven sign of a host of other emotional issues, in fact i think you made that up.
Though i agree that worrying about burn in is fairly unnecessary if you take care of your television.


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I was just browsing youtube and noticed many LG OLED users complaining of screen Burn on their TV's, I had heard about this before buying my Panasonic but didn't pay much too much attention as many people are saying on here it's not really an issue anymore, nearly all of the videos are from LG owners, and many examples were quite horrendous even after 6 months normal use and I'm quite worried now as I didn't get the additional screen burn warranty from JL.

I'm pretty careful about not leaving static bright images on pause etc but many of the problems I've just seen are with reds burning the screen permanently which I find odd.
I don't game on it or leave it on news channels but a few times I have left the room with the TV on bbc 4 in the late evening and came back to it an hour later (after programs have finished) to see their bright white bbc logo sitting in the middle of the screen (not good BBC) Ch4 has their logo move about when they shut down for the night.
I have an LG E8. 3 years down the line. All the promises of burn in management by the manufacturer. I now have this on screen (hopefully you can see my attached photo). Just waiting for a third party engineer to come out. LG weren't interested at all.

If this screen gets binned, I'm looking at Panasonic. I may even avoid oled all together. Once burned and all that (forgive the pun!).

I did all the 'right' things as well. High logo luminance, regular pixel refresher, kept the screen shift on. Still looks awful after normal use.

If I don't get anywhere with the warranty company, I may have to sue the retailer and the credit card company. Don't much fancy that hassle though.


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This totally describes how I feel. From my personal experience I paid 1.500 Euros for an LG 55" OLED B7 and after 2-3 year I noticed the first burn-in marks. LG customer support sent me to their repair service partner in Austria (EU) who then were blaming me for buying an OLED TV and not expecting to get burn-in. They were asking for 1050 Euros if I want the panel replaced (which is outrageous in my opinion).

The never LG OLED models are improved (production and software) to reduce the risk of permanent image retention ("burn-in") and the newer Panasonic OLED models most likely profit from those improvements (since Panasonic uses OLED panels manufactured by LG), but with the experience I made with LG and their customer service I will try to avoid the LG brand and OLED in the future. Even if I bought 4 LG TV sets in the past 6 years customer loyalty means nothing for LG.
The extended 5 year warranty offered by for OLED TVs does not cover issues with permanent image retention ("burn-in"). Also asked a sales person in a local electronic appliance store and he said the topic is difficult. They can offer a replacement only if the "burn-in" is reported in time and the "damage is below 20%".
My E8 (2018) would argue otherwise. Awful burn in.


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My E8 (2018) would argue otherwise. Awful burn in.
That's a real bummer massivetoe, I paid 2500 for my hz2000 so I really hope that doesn't happen to mine. Had my HZ for about 10 months so far and all is good at mo, I do believe my Panasonic has a heatsink to stop this happening but who knows. I never operate my TV at 100 luminance as I use in a pretty dark room. Hope you get something sorted.


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My E8 (2018) would argue otherwise. Awful burn in.
Do you have a warranty from a third party? Please join this thread and keep us updated.



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Do you have a warranty from a third party? Please join this thread and keep us updated.

Will do, thanks.

It's with domestic and general. The retailer provided the extra to take it up to 5 years. The engineer today (TVRS in Motherwell) sounded optimistic, but I'll wait for the official verdict from D&G.

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