Should Apple offer a free bumper to resolve the Signal issue?

Should Apple offer a free bumper to resolve signal issues?

  • Yes

    Votes: 35 66.0%
  • No

    Votes: 18 34.0%

  • Total voters


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So yes , or no?


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Perosnally - the signal issue does not affect me although a free bumper would be nice ;)

New Start Neil

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So yes , or no?

I voted no, but only because I owuld want to them to fix the cause and not the symptom.

I want them to fix it, but not by just giving out bumpers as there are people out there who would not want an Iphone with a bumper on it.

[Edit] - If it was as an interim measure, then I guess I would vote yes.


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Got to agree with Azzin here. :)


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I voted No.

I'd much rather have the problem fixed by either a software update (if thats possible) or they just did a recall if worst came to the worse.

A free bumper just seems like a bodge solution epecially for a high profile item such as this.


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no they need to fix the real problem...


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I'm going to say Yes on this.


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free bumper is not an acceptable way of covering up a design flaw - plus it looks ugly and unsophisticated unlike the design of the phone itself

Deleted member 171211

No, I want a proper fix that lets me use my phone however I want, not how Apple say I should use it. I like to dock my phone and a bumper means I need to keep removing it before it will fit in the dock.


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No! They shouldn't give out rolls of Sellotape either - they should fix the problem.

a l e x

Distinguished Member
I think having a bumper on the iPhone 4 makes it look hideous.

Really? I did at first but the all black looks good I think. I like the raised edge too, stops the back getting mangled.

I'd vote no, they need it fixing. If they do give free bumpers out I'll be demanding a refund for the 25 notes I spent on mine.

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