Shots from a snowy Yorkshire Dales (RIA)


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Went out last weekend up to the Dales, the snow was knee deep and it was very cold but very beautiful!

Apparently in the tunnel ahead of where I got off there was an icicle coming from a ventilation duct that went from the top of the tunnel to two feet from the floor and was several feet thick - it had smashed a train window earlier that day - however the trains all ran (albeit it delayed a bit). Contrast this with the cancelled trains at home where there was much less snow and it wasn't as cold... :telephone:


On the way there went past Pen-y-ghent (shot through the dirty train window)


Got to Ribblehead train station and was greeted with this view:



Went for a bit of a walk, it was cold but nice, not a cloud in the sky. Then the weather turned very quickly to this:



The trains were still running though


With weather I retreated to the pub for a nice pint and a pie :)

Came out after about half an hour or so, the snow had stopped falling and was met with this:


Taking photos in this weather can be a bit challenging


Although I'm not as dedicated as this guy (the snow was at least knee deep where he was)


With the unforseen pub stop the light was starting to fade which led to some nice lighting (when the clouds didn't come over)





Sadly with the train times, the possibility of delays and the fact there is no mobile signal around there I could hang around for the sunset in the valley area around the viaduct, but as the train was delayed I got to see a nice sunset from the station




And whilst waiting for the train this little fella posed for me


First time I have been photographing in conditions like these, def makes a difference (an alloy body gets very cold!) but the battery life on the A700 was fine and the lens didn't have a problem with the cold or the snow storm - gives me a bit more confidence, I think I tend to molly coddle my camera!

All w/Sony A700, Sony 16-80mm CZ and polariser. Click on the photos for a larger version of each, exif should be embedded :)


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Can we make it a "bannable offence" to post a set for RIA that's as good as this ? ;)

Just spotted this one but off to bed now so will comment more fully later today ;) far only real "criticism" is the inclusion of the other 'Tog in the second shot - really spoils it.



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could a mod make this a 'RIA' thread title. Thanks
Done but I dont see anything to RA myself. They are IMO a decent collection of very well composed Images, which are also mostly well exposed
No 5 and 9 as dont do much for me ( subject matter) but that is nitpicking as it can be hard to make snowscapes which seem dramatic to the eye look interesting as a photograph


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Very nice series, you certainly had a good day out :thumbsup:

About number 9 tho, if it had of been me I would of had to go to where he was to see what his view was like lol


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a reasonably nice set. 4, 10, 12 stand out as the best shots for me. :smashin:

Some of the others are a bit too fussy with two many things in them, no real focus on anything specific.

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