After doing a load of research I think I’m down to two drones... Unless anyone has other ideas. This comes after destroying the JJRC x15 the other day so I’m still a bit wary.
A DJI Mavic Mini and a HolyStone HS720e.
For me - pros of dji, quality, range, flight time
Cons, more money, possible drift away due to wind, compatibility with my Huawei P10 lite - I read a lot about Android not working so good.

Pros of HS720e, price, heavier so potentially less likely to drift away.
Cons, lesser quality (?), Range,

That’s what I think. Am I in the right ballpark? Has anyone got any other suggestions.


Budget is as little as possible... I did consider the mini 2 and maybe you are right. I can get a mini combo for £399 and the mini 2 combo for £550 so it's only £150 more. The HS720E is about £260ish.
The stupid thing I bought the other week was only £140 so should have known really.
Buy cheap buy twice as they say..
I'm not planning on creating top notch movies or anything I just fancy a nose around from 150ft up in the air.


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You’ll get pissed off with the mini in short order , nothing at all wrong with it , it’s just limited , can’t comment on the holystone , I have the MA2 and from what I’ve heard is that the mini 2 is not far away from it in terms of performance , it just lacks some of the ma2’s functionality , I bought mine from very and opened an account to buy it with , I saved 10% , I’ve heard others have saved 20% on their first order and then paid it off with no interest and closed the account 👍


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From what I've read about the new rules coming into force in the future regarding the old drones being in the Legacy catagory , the Mini 2 would still be allowed to fly in certain areas that others wouldn't. For this reason I was thinking of buying the Mini myself as I will be stuck with lots of paper weights as I think all of mine will come under the legacy restrictions.


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Uhhh , whatever happens , my £1500 investment ain’t gonna be no paperweight , I’ll guarantee you that 🤣


Well I’ve got a HolyStone HS720E arriving today. I decided not to spend more as the destruction of the last drone has made me wary until I get my air legs..
I emailed A1smartshop where I got the first drone and they said to return it to the manufacturer for repair. It’s beyond repairing I think but I also messaged JJRC themselves and they were quite positive so fingers crossed they will ship another out to me. You never know.

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