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im kind of new to projectors. i do have a 2nd hand optima hd 70 that i bought while ago.
ive never really used it, but my new house has a big white wall that is ideal,
however the hd70 has a fault bulb light on it....i don't fancy getting a new bulb incase its inot just the bulb.
so ive decided to look at getting a new projector for regular use,
i recon the wall would give me at least a 100 inch image, i have a cheap £60 model that i use for window decoration, and from the back of the couch this is roughly what i can project.
but ive been looking at short / ultra short throw so that i can put it just in front of the wall.
i don't want to roof mount it, hence why im looking at short throw, but i guess i could put a standard one behind the couch on a tipod
then there are other confusing things like make/ models. 4k/ 1080p. laser / DLP
so many to choose from
i do keep getting down to optoma

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