Question Short throw projector or long throw laser projector? Advice needed.


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I am slowly going to turn a toy room into more of a cinema style room, since the kids are getting a bit older. It will be used for movies (Netflix, Amazon, Disney+)
and some TV usage.

I was convinced I was going to buy this:

Here is the room marked for the 82in TV (with a 50 inch TV there already):

Then someone told me about UST projectors and I thought wow thats what I really want! I starting looking into them and was sorely tempted to pull the trigger on the Xiaomi 4K laser projector from gearbest (and also buy a special screen from XY screens).

But then I started to read about so many issues folks are having with the Xiaomi startup time and white lines etc and I am not sure I am ready to take the plunge just yet.

So I started having a look at Short throw laser projectors and I am trying to determine if this would be better. I am in the UK and I had seen this in the US:
GT1090 | Optoma USA

Is there an equivalent UK model? Or anything like this short throw one which could be mounted less than 2m away?

Some notes:

  1. It wont be a main TV but my daughter watches a lot of youtube in this room and she might continue that so a bulb is out as I couldn't handle that, but I would need something which could be watched like a TV during the day
  2. The wall could fit 100in and maybe even 120in at a push
  3. Will be sitting 12 feet away (room is 13ft long)
  4. 4k or handling 4k would be nice (hdr?)
  5. Ideally would like smart apps on it like Amazon, youtube and Netflix (so don't have to use firestick etc)
  6. Can they stream from a network drive?
  7. Don't mind getting a setting of front speakers but won't be getting a 5.1 or anything. Need an amp then 🤔
  8. I will have to ceiling mount the TV, do they come with extra long power cables?
  9. There will be some minor gaming usage on our Nintendo Switch, how do you attach that to a ceiling mounted projector? Super long HDMI?
  10. Would I still need a special screen or just the special paint? I won't be painting the room but wouldn't rule it out in the future.

I was thinking short throw but since I am ceiling mounting then I guess long throw would be acceptable too? :shrug How would one ceiling mount one, is it better above your head (about 12-13ft away from the wall). Or is it preferable to have it closer?

Budget wise, less than £2k. Would love some suggestions and advice if possible. And anything else which would make it special that I'm not thinking of.
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Generally speaking the priority should be picture quality not chasing latest tech. Laser/LED are not mature products.

Very few projectors have apps, and it's not recommended since they will not be updated like other external devices.

Projectors are dark room devices, for your setup it's better to get a TV. A projector would be an inferior product.


I just want to say I got the Xiaomi 4K last year and havn't had any major issues with it.

My only criticisms would be at first I did notice the rainbow effect in some shots, but when I upgraded to a 4k bluray player it wasn't as noticeable also I think my eyes learnt to ignore it. Latency is very poor for gaming to the point of being unplayable so I don't use it for that.

Also the ultra short does highlight any imperfections on the wall by casting their shadows due to the angle it projects at. I'm looking into getting a screen to correct this.

Other than the above I think it is really solid projector. But I have seen Optima and Epson have recently brought out ultra short throws that may be worth considering.

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