Short promo video for the British Airborne Re-enactment Society


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I am filming this group on another couple of occasions and the footage will change through the year until I have a 'final' edit.

However, I quite liked what I managed to shoot during a day of shooting video and stills, so I put together this footage and they were pretty happy with the results. I'm also happy with the direction it's going and knowing the two shows that they will be attending and I am filming them at, I know the final video will be much better.

For now though, here's the first edit from the existing footage so-far ;)

[ame=]British Airborne Re-enactment Society by Neil Pugh - Decisiveimaging on Vimeo[/ame]


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That looks great! Maybe if I'm being really picky I'd say you overused the dissolve to still motif but only a little and only if I'm being really picky :)

What camera did you use?


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Hi Pete. No problem with mentioning the dissolve and thanks for the comments.

Currently it's still WIP as later this year I will be filming a full battle re-enactment along with some other 'stuff' that will be used. It's really only going to be 5-6 minutes at the most, but covering a lot more ground than seen so-far. I did like the transition, but I am considering using more images that I shot at the event and 'Photoshopped' to make them a little more authentic. Time will tell.

In relation to your question, I used 4 cameras. Canon XF100 (BBC Profile), Canon 5D, Canon 7D and a GoPro Hero2. Lenses for the stills cameras were 16-35mm and 70-200 f2.8 IS (I did also have a 100mm Macro, 50mm f1.4, 300mm F.4 and 2x Converter), but I found that I didn't really need them.

Strangely I was considering at the time what 'average' lenses a WW2 cameraman may have had, and I assumed a 35mm, 50mm, 85 and maybe 135mm?

So the 16-35 gave me the wide end and the 70-200 covered the other.

During my next visits I am considering just loading up (along with the XF100) the 5D and 7D with a 35mm F.2 and 50mm F1.4 (on the 7D to make approx. 85mm).

Hope that helps? Cheers, MP


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I agree with pete on the slight overuse on the vid to still effect , I would also have added a little fog/mist in some scenes for more atmosphere and the odd slo-mo effect like at the handgrenade/flash thing and a few darkened vignettes but otherwise I was very impressed

look forward to seeing more :smashin:

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