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    I am potentially buying a new projector in a month or so, ideally something which will be 4K and HDR so it is up to date for a while.

    I have a relatively large room that its going into and I will be sitting around 3-3.5m away from the screen so I am looking to go for probably 100-110" diagonal 16:9 screen.

    The problem however, is the shape of the room means there is only one place the projector can go and thats going to be around 2.5m away from the screen.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a short(ish) throw 4K projector that will handle this? I have been trying to google but every time I do all that comes up is ultra short throw i.e. 30cm from the screen, type projectors which I dont want to go for.

    Budget is in the £1200ish range but could stretch a little for the right projector. Is there anything out there with a high enough throw ratio to do 110" from only 2.5m away?

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