Short honeymoon break, Venice any good?


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Was supposed to be Vegas but as the wife is now pregnant we are looking at a short term honeymoon (we got married in April). We have been thinking Venice or maybe Rome. Heard it can get packed though and last thing we want is stress from people pushing and having to fight our way through crowds. 3 days-ish away.

Any experience?



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I've been to both and although Venice is wonderful, I'd probably go to Rome. Or maybe Venice 😁.
Seriously, you can't go wrong with either, but I'd suggest Rome has better sights and more all round variety. Venice is lovely, especially in the evening when the crowds have gone and you're completely lost in the back streets and canals. But for a 3 day honeymoon, I'd chose Rome.
Maybe price up both and go with the best hotel and flight options that are available.


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Venice is lovely but also depends when you are going. It’s a bit of a walking city with all the little bridges over canals. So that might a consideration if you wife is pregnant. We love Venice and find it so relaxing what with no cars etc. Yes the main centre can get v busy during the day but at night it’s like going back hundreds of years, wondering down dimly lit alleys, but it’s v safe. If you have questions about Venice, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer.. Can also recommend Al Ponte Mocenigo, lovely little hotel in a great location
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