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shopto.net, format choice


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I am looking to buy a game from Shopto.net and at the bottom of the details it says UK and European. Now I know shopto sell UK and European versions of games and that they have recently stated that customers now have a choice of the UK or European versions.

There are a lot of post on their website praising this decision but there is nowhere that actually states how you make the choice:confused:

Now I may be being very thick here (definite possibilty :D), but I have just been through the order process upto the confirm order page and at no time was I asked which version I wanted. So do you have to send an email with the order stating UK or Euro?, if so thats a very messy way to order!

Has anyone ordered from them recently and how did you confirm you wanted the UK version?

Cheers, J


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Just emailed shopto and the choice is there if both versions of the game are for sale (and will be listed seperately). The game I mentioned stated 'UK and European' which means its PAL but is european, so where the UK part comes from I don't know :confused:

Very badly worded IMO.

Cheers, J


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the only issue with european version are when it comes down to trade in's at game or gamestation etc

if the game does not have the BBFC rating they will not accept it all. UK games have this and at times some games for uk release have been recalled as they do not have this sticker.


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Cheers a_friend for the info.

Thats no problem, I very rarely trade games in the highstreet due to the laughable prices they offer :thumbsdow compared to what I would get selling on eBay.


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