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Shopto January Sale!


Active Member
Shopto have started their sale a day early and have some great bargains available. I just picked up Assassins Creed Collectors edition with figure on 360 for £40, they have Halo 3 Legendary Edition for £40, Guitar Hero 3 wireless guitar controller on PS3 for £35 and much more. Don't forget Quidco for an extra 4% saving! Link to Shopto Sale
Enjoy :smashin:


Well-known Member
I couldn't find any real bargains TBO.........


I agree... very disappointing for ShopTo... :thumbsdow

been most impressed by GameStation this season.:thumbsup:

Nemesis X2

Distinguished Member
Shame it's not a bit easier to navigate :rolleyes:

Yeah that's what annoys me about thier site, it's a nightmare unless you are looking for new releases or know what you want to search for. With their sale, i couldn't be arsed to scroll through about 30 pages.

What i did see was most uninspiring i have to say.... Even Game and Play had some prices for games that made me sit up and take notice....ordering a few to play in the quiet months when the releases dry up, just don't tell the wife!!


Active Member
Agreed their sale is rubbish and their site is a nightmare to navigate through. lol!


Active Member
just came here to post the same 215 items none sorted so suits me as i have enough games and my new years resolution is to buy no more until i have completed some.

so back to bioshock.....

mind i bought mass effect and fantastic 4.....but that was on the 31st so it doesnt count :rotfl:


Active Member
To be fair, they have Call Of Juarez for £13 (which I annoyingly ordered for a few quid more from Play.com this morning!) and FEAR Files for £20 which is the cheapest I've seen it.


Active Member
You can put me on the list of disappointed people, I did make one order though, hopefully, I'll be getting the legendary version of Halo 3, even if I already have the standard edition.

I had specifically been waiting for shopto's sale as I missed out on CoD4 for £20 at GameStation.


Active Member
sale is terribly laid out on the website i trawled through a few pages but i'm not looking through 30 pages. they should have at least separated it by platform.

Master X

Active Member
Quite a few cheap Wii games there. (for those strapped for time to bother looking...)

Dewy's Adventure £22.99
Kororinpa/Red Steel £17.99
DS Final Fantasy 3 £14.99


Active Member
One thing I'd like to know, where's my Halo 3 Ledge.Ed. gone?

It was there last night when I had to pre-order it (???).

I hope they haven't messed me about otherwise I'm dropping them like a bad habit.

Sting King

Active Member
In the product search area on the left hand side, click xbox 360 for example, then under 'all categories' choose sale, this narrows the search down to 5 pages


Active Member
Wii Kororinpa for 17.99. At least 35 everywhere else. Ordered, and thanks!



well super paper mario is £23 and orange box on pc for £17 are pretty good.

is marvel alliance worth £20 on wii?

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