Shopping and multibuys (are the worth it half the time)

Vince Noir

Have been living with my girlfriend in rented accommodation for just over a month now.
When we go shopping i'm always on the look out for multibuy savings.
Problem is tonight i have just thrown loads of stuff away as its gone passed the sell by date.
Now we eat normally so eating a bit more is not necessary.
So are the multibuy saving only good if you have a big family and should the single living or couples stay away ??????
Your thoughts please !


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Its common knowledge that BOGOF or multi-buys deals are great ways to get people to buy things they don't need. Its marketing at its finest.

I was very prone to it myself for ages, but have calmed down recently and now walk past many of the deals as I too ended up throwing out a lot of food. I found it hard to accept that I dumped so much food when so many were starving - added to the fact that I was wasting money.

I remember reading figures a few years ago that the average for amount of dumped, unused food per household was around 30%. This figure was probably true with myself. Prime example, eggs. I always bought eggs and never used them. But when shopping you think for some strange reason that you just have to buy eggs!!

A lot of times there are things on these offers that really appeal to you, and in this case its a great deal.

But too often we just continue to add to the sheer volume of binned food in our very wasteful society.

Vince Noir

our main waste of food has come from around the meat products. i.e sausages (buy 2 for he price of 1) Corned Beef (buy 3 for the price of 2).
I also threw out yougherts over the crimbo period (10 for £6).
Like i said we just cant eat hem quick enough.


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Got a freezer?


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3 things to ask when going for these deals:

- Will I use it?
- Will it keep?
- Is it cheaper? (Some multibuys cost you money or aren't as good as you think)


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Check the dates when you buy. Calculate whether you are likely to consume the product before it expires. Make your own risk assessment about exceeding the use-by date, bearing in mind the storage conditions and the inevitable safety margin of the printed date. Freeze if necessary.

I rarely throw any food away, although the compost bin benefits from the occasional over-ripe banana or excessively limp carrot (but never as the result of a BOGOF).

Oh, and you said "sell by date", rather than "use by date". Make sure you are aware of the difference!


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I usually only buy the offers on the stuff I would normally buy. So for example I normally buy Heinz beans, but awhile ago HP beans were BOGOF so I bought lots of the HP beans. Plus they keep for ages!

Same with cereal bars, and Porridge packets they are the things I buy on offer. But the rest of the shopping I buy what I want rather than what is on offer.


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I'm worst with salad stuff, particularly these bagged pre-made salads as they go off so quick. I am going to make an effort not to buy much of these in fututre unless they are being eaten that day. Often when you check the use by date on these things, it's the actual date you buy them. I tend to rummage around looking for the one that has a few days left but still waste a lot of them.


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I take up these offers if it for something that I know I will use before its use by date, or if it is something that I can store safely, frozen or otherwise, until I need it.

If it doesn't meet that criteria I walk on by and keep the cash in my wallet.

BOGOF deals can be great for the consumer if taken with consideration.


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BOGOF deals aren't called that, for just any old reason! ;)

Next time you see one, unless it's for something you absolutely will use, then do exactly what it says, and bog off! :lesson: :rotfl: Your wallet (and significant other) will thank you for it later. :)



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if used wisely these offers are great.

if you eat sausages and see BOGOF get them and put one pack in the freezer.

toothpaste, everyone uses toothpaste right? if i see a BOGOF for toothpaste i will buy it, same with shampoo, spray, BO basher etc.

chicken, mince meat, freeze it.

pizzas, BUY BUY BUY one can never have enough pizza, simple to cook, not much washing up!

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