Shoot 'Em Up Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Cas Harlow
Shoot ‘Em Up may not be to everybody’s tastes but it’s still a cut above the usual action-vehicle that you may have expected from the title. With a cheeky dark wit and some surprisingly and refreshingly new concepts, the proceedings are likely to engage you on more than just a visceral level. Clive Owen proves his action chops, Paul Giamatti surprises as a manic villain and Monica Bellucci looks as good as ever. This is silly, noisy but thoroughly entertaining stuff. The Blu-ray release comes with benchmark video and audio presentations as well as a superb set of extras, including an exclusive PIP Commentary. If you liked the movie then you really should be chuffed with this release and it should already be in your shopping cart, if you didn’t then you still might want to pick this up just to showcase your home cinema setup. If you’re undecided then this spectacular release may just sway you.
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