Shocking service from Epson UK


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indeed this is a tough time for everybody - you're right.

Alebonau - yes, I imagined that. But because they are refurbs and coming from a lab in Japan, I thought they would actually go through some proper QC before thrown into someone's projector.

My understanding is that when the projectors (replace with cameras, TVs, etc) go on a big production line, they receive little to no attention. But when something comes back to a service centre, someone then has some actual time to look into the performance of the machine and make sure all is in order.

A friend of mine is an electronic engineer. He told me that on some big production line sometimes adjustments are done by visually adjusting trimmers to a set position rather than by taking measurements. Why? Because this way you can hire unskilled people and just ask to "turn the pot as in the picture". The adjustment would give you 90% of the performance and that's enough.

But if the item comes back to a service centre, hopefully someone skilled would be able to adjust it using a proper tool to get 100%.

But it's probably as you say. 90% of customers probably don't notice if your gamma is all over the place or if your colorimetry is massively off. So it's cheaper for Epson to just cut on quality control and when that 10% complains, to just keep swapping parts until they stop barking.

And I feel I am being optimistic with that 90% to be honest.

DELL do (or used to do) the same with their monitors. They release revision 0, it comes with some issues. 1% of customers complain, they fix the issue with the following revision and swap that 1% units. It's cheaper for Dell to swap that 1% than doing a proper QC to start with - or to recall all the monitors to have them updated. (I think now they allow field firmware update on their units).
That was stated by a Dell employee on their official forum BTW.
Sadly I think A LOT of companies do this. Even companies with insane customer-centric reputations like Valve do it.

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