Shocked at the wife's reaction to cinema prices

Stuart Wright

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The wife was going to take the kids to the cinema today, but I was amazed to hear her complain that the prices had gone up to £6 per adult and she'd rather buy a DVD, some popcorn from the supermarket and watch the movie in our home cinema. It's the first time she's taken an active interest in using our home cinema as a replacement for the Odeon.
This is an important moment for us. Now cinema prices are this much - £12 for two adults - it's become a no brainer. We wait a bit and buy the R1 DVD.
Cinema ticket prices should be coming down, not going up. Or they'll die a death.


Yes , i agree , especially with the snacks on top of it.

I only go to the flicks now if it's a movie i can't miss on the big screen.
Apart from that i wait for the dvd.

ush flynn

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Same here, it a social thing for me now, might go with the gf every now and again to see a big film, or with some mates and a few drinks after and something to talk about. But otherwise the dvd infront of the tv will satisfy me more, especially now with my bedroom set up that im quite proud of

Max Payne

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This the same from my side too (although its harder to go when you have a little baby in the house), but the prices are crazy. Sure Im in Ireland, but the pricing is similar to the pricing in the UK.

That along with some sweets and drinks - its a very expensive night out. We also started to bring our own bottles and sweets and "smuggled" them in, in her handbag.

But with the projector set up at home, the nights out at the cinema has been seriously cut back.

But as Stuart has said, the fact that the movie can be bought and owned on R1 relatively easily after the movie has been released, is seriously the best option when you have your own home cinema set up. (also by owning it - you can re-watch it again and again)


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Most of the cinemas I've been to in central London it's much more than £6. Take the Odeon Leciester Sq - it was just under £8.

To be honest even at those prices picture quality was found wanting and of course you want some popcorn at the very least when you are watching a film so the total cost is far nearer £11.

Since I got a decent setup at my house it almost works out cheaper if I pay my mates their travel expenses and we just watch it here.

It's hardly a surprise that cinema attendances are falling.


I made a comment on this very subject on the Odeon thread last week . I restrict my family visits to Bargain tuesday's at Cineworld . But by the time you have bought snack your still looking @ £30 ish . Even if its just me and the lad I will only go before 5 to keep the price down . I have just looked at booking CARS for Tuesday , £18.20 inc 55p fee/ticket . Is it any wonder there is a problem with piracy :rolleyes:.
So many films I want to see . I just can't afford it :(



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I used to go to the Ster Century cinema in Basingstoke alot. But since it was taken over Warners the prices have gone up and the place is poohole now. Dirty, rubbish everwhere, escalators that don't work hardly any staff around etc Also the picture is always out of focus, which ever screen you go into.

Crocodile JD

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Originally posted by Stuart
Cinema ticket prices should be coming down, not going up. Or they'll die a death.
I heard on BBC radio 5 live this morning that "official figures" just released show an up turn in cinema going figures for the UK

chief barker

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My wife and 3 kids went to cineworld in bexleyheath....she had spent almost £50 in total.....a bag of popcorn each...and a macdonalds after the show. :eek:

My jaw hit the floor when she told me how much she spent.

Considering DVDs are being released fairly quickly...I think we will be waiting a little while to see the movie.


and the good thing about watching it at home is...

u can pause it while u go to the loo. or make a drink..

cant do that at the cinema !

last time i went was to see the scandal... queued up for ages.
had 2 people in front of me and the guy said sorry we now full !!!


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Last time i went, i took my daughter to see "Cars". Wasn`t too bothered about the ticket price, but my knees almost buckled when the guy siad £1.50 for a bloody fruit shoot :eek: I told him i can get a six pack in Tescos, and all he did was shrug his shoulders.

Ahhhhhhh one day the lotto will come up, then i`ll be needing some serious advice from you lot ;)


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Unless it's a film i can't wait to see, i only go on Wednesdays. Orange wednesdays are fantastic - £3 a ticket for any film. Only problem is you have to be on the Orange network, obviously.

Is it possible that cinema prices will come down as they move to less expensive, digital screens?


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Last time me & her went to the flicks was to see Schindlers List. A good film spoilt by some ignaramous seated directly behind me constantly talking to his g/f partner/wife & kicking the back of my seat. During the intermission I had to threaten violence to keep him shut up.

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