Shipping through customs?


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Hey all,

I got myself a beauty of a deal for a SONY OLED, and I'm considering shipping it to my current work location (India) or having it wait for me for whenever I'm home during the next year.

The TV is my private property. Does anyone have any experience if big apparatus like that will cause much hassle in customs to have it sent over? I'm ready to carry the costs up to a certain point, I mean I would pay insurance and all that too, it would just be sweet to have the thing waiting for me in my flat during my time here.



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I don't think there should be a problem if it's your private property... it doesn't have commercial value as such, hence no customs should apply. It might however be that you cannot ship it because then commercial customs regulations might apply. And then the whole legal quality obligations topic might be asked at customs, which could be expensive: BIS Mandatory Products - India Certification – Your expert for Certifications

Then it might become expensive. Hence I suggest you get in touch with a reputable moving company and ask them how to do it!


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Think it will be a PITA.

India levies lots of duties on luxury items. I suspect you'll be smacked with a big import duties bill.

To avoid that you'd have to prove you plan to take it back once you return home. Unfortunately easier said than done somewhere like India.


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Quick Google suggest duties could be upto 36% 😲

May be out of date or incorrect though, so worth checking.


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Check the price to get it shipped insured...

That alone might be enough to put you off, let alone customs and quite possibly some local "taxes" you might be persuaded to pay before it arrives.

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