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I am making enquires into shipping my PC from the UK to Florida in the US.

My Spec is as follows:

OS: XP-64

Motherboard: Supermicro X6DAE-G2
Chipset: Dual Xeon 3.6 GHz
Graphics: Quadro FX 4400
Hard Drive: 2x300GB Maxtor

Monitor: Sony 23" SDM-P232W

1) I can either ship it over all in the case, or remove the component parts and buy another case in the US. Can someone advise me which is the best method and also how do I go about making sure the electronic components are safe to transport
2) I was also considering transporting my monitor. Will this work in the US or will I need some sort of adapter ?



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first question why do you want to ship them to the US

as it will cost a few pounds to send

why dont you sell what you have in the uk(keeping the hard drive and take them with you to the US)

then buy when your over in the US and just add your hard drives


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When relocating from the US I brought my PC to Europe. A similar journey but the opposite direction...

I built the PC myself so I chose to ship the case and PSU but bring the circuit boards and HDDs in my luggage. That meant I could re-build it in a new case with power supply while the shipment (removal by sea) was still in transit.

I backed up the PC to DVDs. I purchased anti-static bags and wrapped each part separately before packing carefully. It was necessary to remove the CPU heatsink & fan assembly from the motherboard. Hard drives (also in anti-static wrap) came in hand luggage to ensure they were treated gently.

When I checked in for the flight I was careful to explain that I had sensitive electronic equipment with me so that the security screeners didn't get a surprise.

If you need to purchase PC parts in the USA then I'd recommend

When I arrived I purchased a new case/PSU and because I'd removed the CPU heatsink I needed to clean both and re-apply thermal grease. Everything survived and the PC worked.

Googling your monitor spec suggests it will accept 100-240V and 50/60Hz. On that basis it should work in the USA but check the markings on the power supply just to be sure. I wouldn't try to take that in your luggage.

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