Shintom system VCR won't playback properly (eats up tape)


Hello folks,
not sure if it's the right place to ask, but it's quite hard to find some forums to ask about VCRs.

So, I have a "SEG VCR8000" which is just a rebranded Shintom VCR, it's 100% compatible but with less quality I assume.
So, my issue is that upon pressing the play button, the tape is pulled out, attacked to the tape head, and only the LEFT wheel on the cassete spins, but the RIGHT one is staying still which causes the tape to be rolled up outside of the cassete causing the VCR to stop the playback automatically.
Interestingly enough, the Forward and Rewind functions work perfectly fine, but Play the being only one who doesn't work.

I opened it up, to take look at the belts and one was too large due to age, and one was totally broken. I replaced them both, and the system is up and running again, but playback is still giving me issues. I don't understand how the whole system works, or which belt is for what, but everything spins when it has to - none of them is slipping or anything, all of them have traction even at low and high speeds.
As a side note: the VCR is equipped with a screen to show channel, record, vhs info etc. which doesn't work, also I saw no input on the SCART on my TV. So I'm afraid the electronics are fried or something, but I assume that there has to be a tape playing to the signal to show up (?). But this seems like a mechanical issue. Still, expert help is needed. Also, I tried multiple cassetes, so they're not the issue.

Here is video of the issue and a image of the backside where the belts are.
Thanks in advance.

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