Shielded speakers cos of mobile interference.


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Dec 7, 2005
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I'm looking for some advise concerning some speakers for my PC. No doubt some of you will have noticed that your mobile phone causes interference with your PC's speakers (or other speakers, or your PC's monitor, baby monitor, radio, etc.). A crackling sound is common just before the phone rings (as the connection initiates) and this will often continue during the call, depending on your proximity to the speakers, the signal strength, and the type of speakers and phone. Periodically your mobile will also transmit it's position to the nearest mobile tower and the interference will occur again.

NOTE: You can get rid of this, or at least reduce it, by shielding your speakers with tin foil, though what degree of sucess you will have depends on your phone and speaker hardware. Wrap tinfoil around the speakers or make a drooping hat, then call your mobile from your landline to acertain effectiveness, it's a trial and error process. [BTW in doing this you'd be making a Faraday Cage.]

My PC is soon to be replaced and I want some new speakers for the new PC. I'd like to get rid of the interference by getting some well shielded speakers. I'm less worried about how good the speakers are (it's just a PC after all) and more concerned with getting rid of the annoying interference. The problem is that almost every PC speaker is called a 'shielded speaker', can someone advise me where to get PC speakers that are actually very well shielded against this kind of interference, or indeed supply me with other hardware advise like, do I also need shielded cables? I don't really want to spend more than about £50-60, but will consider spending more if necessary.

Many thanks.

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