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She's On Duty DVD Review (Region 0)

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Seth Gecko, Jul 31, 2005.

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    Oct 9, 2004
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    <P STYLE='text-align: center'><FONT STYLE='font-size: 18px'><IMG SRC='http://www.avforums.com/dvdreviews/images/ShesOnDuty/ShesOnDutyR0.jpg' ALT='SHES ON DUTY DVD cover artwork' ALIGN='RIGHT'>SHES ON DUTY</FONT><br>Reviewed July 2005 by <A HREF='search.php?do=process&query=Seth Gecko&showposts=1&forumchoice[]=107&forumchoice[]=197' target='_top'>Seth Gecko</A>.</P><P><B>The Movie : 4</B></P><P>Looking at the cover of this disk, you may think that this is a teenager’s wet-dream fantasy, with a pretty Asian girl in a schoolgirl outfit, complete with short skirt and socks to the knee. Let me dash your preconceptions right now – this is a cop movie, with practically no form of titillation of that kind in it – unless you count the accidental “kiss” between two female characters. In fact you could call it “Miss Congeniality Goes To School”, because if Hollywood remakes this – I can easily imagine it starring Sandra Bullock.</p><P>Jae-In (Seon-a Kim) is our female protagonist, as seen in the opening sequence she is responsible for a raid gone, as we say, pear-shaped. Angered at her team, because of interference from another officer, not to mention being branded an idiot by him because the idea was to take out the kingpin of a gang that deals in the traffic of teenage girls, she is placed undercover in a school, where her mission is to befriend the daughter of a crook, who will be an informer that is pivotal in the prosecution’s case against the gang boss. However, Jae-In wasn’t particularly good at school, being the leader of a gang, so she takes to this assignment like Victoria Beckham to a tune (i.e. badly). Things don’t go particularly well, within minutes she’s being picked on by the female school bully and as the tale progresses, all attempts at becoming friends with the daughter fail miserable. Meanwhile, said boss is also interested in getting his hands on the informer and has made efforts to ensure his silence, by also placing someone at the school. However, one small complication occurs when Jae-In falls for the popular school boy. Will Jae-In make friends and save the day? Will the boss get his man and stop going to jail? Will Jae-In get all sidetracked with romance? Finally, who is the mystery villain at the school?</p><P>If you can’t see the obvious parallels to other movies, such as the aforementioned Miss Congeniality, then believe me when you view this, you will. It has such an air of familiarity to it, it’s the complete opposite of what we know and love Asian cinema to be – different to Hollywood. This is a prime example of how Asia does Hollywood and to be honest, it’s not any better, mind you it’s not any worse either. This is a very average movie and nothing more. There’s nothing wrong with the acting, everyone does their job well enough and no-one particular stands out – mini skirt or not. One thing I have to comment on though is the soundtrack. Who in their right mind (or wrong for that matter) would think that Irish music would sound like a good idea in a fight scene, especially set in Korea, unless I’m really mistake and Korea is really the home of Leprechauns and such. So, so wrong on a variety of levels – it’s like the Dubliners singing in the middle of Enter The Dragon during any fight sequence – just doesn’t fit or work on any level. Anyway, back to the film. As I said there’s nothing wrong here, for a comedy it doesn’t hit my funny bone, but then most Hollywood comedies don’t (Anchorman, Dodgeball……..NOT funny), so while this doesn’t work for me as a comedy, I can see that others would enjoy it, especially if Sandra Bullock comedies are your thing, because it just simply feels like one.</P><P><B>Picture : 1</B></P><P>Presented in anamorphic widescreen, this is probably the worst transfer I’ve ever seen. In fact, if this was a VHS release, I’d be complaining about the quality of it. The positive is that the colours are generally fine, although reds have a tendency to bleed. Oh, the print doesn’t have too many dust specks either. Now, for the negatives. It’s incredibly grainy and has a ghosting to the image, which I’ve never seen on a disk before. I would say there’s no edge enhancement, but when the ghosting is so bad you really can’t easily tell. Artefacts are present and are very apparent during the course of the movie; in fact it’s a bit of a rarity when you don’t spot one. It even suffers from dot crawl as well – in fact this is arguably a master class in how not to master a DVD. Abysmal is too polite a word to use.</p><P STYLE='text-align: center'><IMG SRC='http://www.avforums.com/dvdreviews/images/ShesOnDuty/ShesOnDutyR0_1.jpg' ALT='SHES ON DUTY'></P><P><B>Sound : 4</B></P><P>For a movie with a 5.1 soundtrack, as with the picture this is poor, with the rears rarely noticeable except for the occasional effect. In fact, it’s mostly centre heavy, where at least the dialogue is crisp and clear, but slightly out of synch with the movie. LFE doesn’t exist and the front speakers get used far too infrequently or well for any period of time to be considered mentioning. Poor hardly seems a fair description, as does the word surround.</P><P STYLE='text-align: center'><IMG SRC='http://www.avforums.com/dvdreviews/images/ShesOnDuty/ShesOnDutyR0_2.jpg' ALT='SHES ON DUTY'></P><P><B>Extras : 3</B></P><P>For this disk they’ve shoehorned in a few extras. We get a photo gallery of publicity and movie shots, we get a surreal music video and we get take behind the photo shoot for the movie poster, set to music which, truth be known, was equally surreal. No English subtitles here I’m afraid, but I don’t think it’s really important. We also have some trailers as well. One note – why is the best picture quality reserved for the photo shoot?</P><P STYLE='text-align: center'><IMG SRC='http://www.avforums.com/dvdreviews/images/ShesOnDuty/ShesOnDutyR0_3.jpg' ALT='SHES ON DUTY'></P><P><B>Trivia</B><br><P>For user information we use Bitrate 1.4 to scan the disk for the video bitrate, which also calculates the average bitrate. Below is a graph illustrating the bitrate of the disk, including the average bitrate reading. This disk averaged at 4.29 Mbps.</p></P><P STYLE='text-align: center'><IMG SRC='http://www.avforums.com/dvdreviews/images/ShesOnDuty/ShesOnDutyR0_BR.jpg' ALT='SHES ON DUTY'></P><P><B>Verdict : 4</B></P><P>Well if you want to know how Asia does Hollywood, this is a prime example, being a distinctly average movie. Sound is adequate but picture is unbelievably awful – there’s no other word for it. Still, if you can forgive that side of things, you’ll find a very so-so movie here, that screams the next Bullock vehicle – although I think seeing her as a school girl would be even more surreal than the music video.</P><div ALIGN='CENTER'>Review Disc Supplied by <a href="http://global.yesasia.com/assocred.asp?W7QIPXOV+/en/prdTransfer.aspx/pid-1004027361" target=”_blank”><img src="http://www.wvip.co.uk/images/dvd/SuppliersLogos/YesAsia.jpg" Align="absmiddle"></a><br>Please support us by using our review sponsors.</div><TABLE border='0' CELLPADDING='0' CELLSPACING='2' WIDTH='100%'><TR><TD COLSPAN='2'><B>SHES ON DUTY (2005)</B></TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Genres</TD><TD><A HREF='http://www.avforums.com/dvdreviews/dvdreviews.php?include=exact&searchfield=genre&search_for=COMEDY' target='_blank'>COMEDY</A>, <A HREF='http://www.avforums.com/dvdreviews/dvdreviews.php?include=exact&searchfield=genre&search_for=CRIME' target='_blank'>CRIME</A>, <A HREF='http://www.avforums.com/dvdreviews/dvdreviews.php?include=exact&searchfield=genre&search_for=ROMANCE' target='_blank'>ROMANCE</A></TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Director</TD><TD><A HREF='http://www.avforums.com/dvdreviews/dvdreviews.php?include=all&searchfield=director&search_for=KWANG-CHUN PARK' target='_blank'>KWANG-CHUN PARK</A></TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Stars</TD><TD><A HREF='http://www.avforums.com/dvdreviews/dvdreviews.php?include=all&searchfield=stars&search_for=KAP-SU KIM' target='_blank'>KAP-SU KIM</A>, <A HREF='http://www.avforums.com/dvdreviews/dvdreviews.php?include=all&searchfield=stars&search_for=SANG-HO KIM' target='_blank'>SANG-HO KIM</A>, <A HREF='http://www.avforums.com/dvdreviews/dvdreviews.php?include=all&searchfield=stars&search_for=SEON-A KIM' target='_blank'>SEON-A KIM</A>, <A HREF='http://www.avforums.com/dvdreviews/dvdreviews.php?include=all&searchfield=stars&search_for=YU KONG' target='_blank'>YU KONG</A></TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65'><B>Region</B></TD><TD><B>0</B> <FONT>(HONG KONG)</FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD VALIGN='TOP' WIDTH='65'>Supplier</TD><TD><FONT>Winson Entertainment. Released Sunday 19th June 2005</FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD VALIGN='TOP' WIDTH='65'>SRP</TD><TD><FONT>$12.99</FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD VALIGN='TOP' WIDTH='65'>Discs</TD><TD><FONT>1</FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD VALIGN='TOP' WIDTH='65'>Format</TD><TD><FONT>DVD5</FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD VALIGN='TOP' WIDTH='65'>Time</TD><TD><FONT>114 mins.</FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD VALIGN='TOP' WIDTH='65'>Chapters</TD><TD><FONT>12</FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Picture</TD><TD>Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1&nbsp;</TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Sound</TD><TD>Korean Dolby Digital 5.1<BR>Cantonese Dolby Digital 2.0</TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Subtitles</TD><TD>Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English</TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Case</TD><TD>Amaray With Slipcase</TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Extras</TD><TD>Photo Gallery<BR>Music Video<BR>Poster Shooting<BR>Trailers</TD></TR></TABLE><P STYLE='text-align: center'>If you would like to comment on this review, please reply below.</P>

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