Sherwood RV 6010R - Newbie questions about speakers & subs

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Magnakai, Oct 6, 2004.

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    I've inherited a Sherwood RV6010R A/V ProLogic Receiver, along with a Sony CDP C425 multi-disc CD Player and a JPW sub with no title. I've searched thoroughly for a manual to the Sherwood, but to no avail.
    As I'm a bit of a beginner, and you all seem like knowledgable chaps, I was wondering if anyone could answer a couple of questions I have.

    First of all, I can't see anywhere on the back of the Sherwood receiver that outputs to a sub, bar a Sub Pre-Out, which I assume would go to a pre-amp and then onwards to a sub. The main outputs are for a single center channel, and two stereo channels. I know the previous owner was using this sub with this amp, so there must be a way to connect them. Am I missing some sort of very simple hi-fi rule here?
    The sub has some details on the back. It says that it's impedance is "12 Ohms + 12 Ohms", which doesn't mean all that much to me. My amp does say that it needs a min. of 8 Ohms, so does that mean that it'll work fine, or that it'll blow my amp up?
    It also has four pairs of screw wire connectors. Two marked To Speaker Left Channel/Right Channel respectively, and two marked From Amplifier Left Channel/Right Channel respectively. It doesn't have a plug attached, so I assume that means that it's a passive sub.

    Now, you may have noticed that I don't have any speakers. I was going to get some floorstanding ones from Richer Sounds for about £70-100. They have a pair of Mission M73is for £100, and a pair of Mission 773es for £120. Any idea which would be best suited to this amp?
    I'm guessing that the originally more expensive 773es would be preferable, but that's a wholly uneducated guess.

    Is there anything else I need to consider?

    Thanks for reading this. If you have any advice, I'd really appreciate it.

    This isn't going to be a fantastic system by any means, but it should hopefully suffice for someone on my limited budget.

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